TODAY   |  April 24, 2013

Diane Keaton gets the giggles on ‘Ellen’

Actress Diane Keaton got a serious case of the giggles on “Ellen” Tuesday while talking about her character’s late-night activities in her new movie “The Big Wedding.”

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>>> and was it the wine she may have been drinking or just her la-di-da personality. diane keaton got the giggles on " ellen " tuesday while discovering her character's bedroom activities in her new movie, "the big wedding." take a look

>> that drives me crazy when i think about it. i can't -- i really mean it. it's too weird. that's why i've got to calm down. the wine does not help me, ellen . i think i've got to go.

>> even ellen not sure what to do there. keaton who's never tied the knot also revealed that she wanted badly to get married, but that