TODAY   |  April 23, 2013

Kathy Najimy: I love how ‘Big C’ embraces humor

Actress Kathy Najimy is known for her roles in the TV show “Veronica’s Closet” and the movie “Sister Act,” and now she’s guest-starring on the final season of Showtime’s “The Big C.” Kathy says she admires how the show’s writers embrace humor as a way of dealing with the struggles many face batting cancer.

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>>> she's been in more than 20 films and a dozen tv shows , including the hit show, "veronica's closet" playing opposite kirstie aalley and then she was in " sister act " and now is guest-starring on showtime's "the big c " playing a no-nonsense therapist for someone battling cancer.

>> i'm so happy. i'm so happy. there would have been an age where i can enjoy the fruits of medical science . i love chemo.

>> what else can you be honest with? you're not enough?

>> no. i am great. i am great, i give you that. but to someone you've had a longer history with and aren't paying could be a real asset.

>> oh, wow.

>> hello, kathy.

>> i've always known you for years and years as a comedienne, along with your partner, mo gaffney . to see you tackling this heavy duty , to go from what you did on the stage before to a very heavy-duty thing. they do use a lot of comedy in this show.

>> yeah, that's what you just said exactly what attracted me to it and why when they came to me and said, will you do it right away, i said yes. because i liked fact that they take a subject that's really serious, on "the big c " but they don't dramatize it and don't make her an angel. sometimes they take a person who is sick in the story and make them perfect. she is flawed, laura linney 's character. there's a lot of comedy, but not like zany hospital comedy, like real life . i love that people living with or dying of cancer, it's a gift, this show.

>> they've really embraced it, haven't they?

>> it's lonely.

>> what was it like working with her?

>> it was like a master class . the hall of fame , oliver platte, laura linney . i love oliver platte.

>> isn't he cute?

>> he is. he's your type, hoda.

>> he is. and i like that they let me sort of do what i wanted. i always consider myself, a therapist. don't you feel like i can do that with my friends. let me tell you, here's what to do.

>> some people are either that way or not. they're the care-givers, like mother earth , what you need right now is an enema.

>> ooh.

>> that's what you said to me that time.

>> every time i see you.

>> you like to play with this role a little bit, kathy? ha were y what were you able to do?

>> they're so great, such good writing, they gave it to me and said, do what you want to do. she's a no-bull sort of person. she says what she thinks, which is sort of what i do. i approached it as if she was my best friend talking to me. that's what i did.

>> but she pays you.

>> yes, exactly. i wanted to talk to her like i would and just say, no, that's ridiculous, but yes, i understand that. i got to sort of just be myself.

>> this is the last season and it's got the extra work after. what does that mean?

>> i don't know.

>> you'll find something.

>> i read something i was surprised, your husband is in a rock band .

>> he is a rock band .

>> he is a rock band .

>> dan of the dan band .

>> cool. does he tour.

>> look at you bowling.

>> look at that.

>> what is more fun than -- are those something else, those are mammaries, right?

>> what's more fun than bowling? nothing.

>> there's a picture of us bowling. that's the most work we've done all year is hold the ball. like we're not that couple. he's got a show called the dan band and he's the lead singer and it's funny and he swear as lot and he has a huge audience.

>> yeah. it's like "the hangover" and all of those kinds of things.

>> you both have actual jobs and make money and such.

>> unlike most people on this planet.

>> exactly. you goes up and down.

>> yeah, it sure does.

>> you're going to work again.

>> i have a feeling.

>> thanks.

>> give everybody on the show our regards.