TODAY   |  April 23, 2013

Elvis Duran: Timeflies is next big music group

Elvis Duran is a national morning-show radio host who is up on the hottest music groups. He introduces Kathie Lee and Hoda to Timeflies, musicians from New York City he thinks will be the next big music duo.

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>>> now what we do with him.

>> today we're kicking off a brand new series called elvis duran 's artist of the month when elvis duran brings us his pick for hot musicians to watch.

>> today it's the duo, time flies , made up of cal shapiro and rob resnick. billboard named them one of the 13 acts to watch in 2013 and their newest single is "i choose you." which every girl loves to hear on those dating shows. elvis, welcome.

>> rock center.

>> this is pretty cool, this little segment that we're going to be doing.

>> you know, i'm glad that we're coming together for this. you need to have an experience, a learning experience every month with new music. that's why i'm --

>> every week, believe me.

>> i'm bringing a friend by. working at z 100 here in new york and all the stations, we've been breaking new artists for years. some of them have become huge superstars, some of them not.

>> who's been your big success story?

>> gaga, britney spears . we've been around for 30 years, think of every number one song we've had in 30 years, we've had them on.

>> how did you find these guys?

>> cal and rez, time flies , i was tooling around on itunes and i saw this number one song by time flies , i had never heard of them. how did that slip by me?

>> what's been going on?

>> we've been doing it independently. we kind of just did it on our own. put it out and we got the best fans in the world and they got us on itunes and we snuck past him.

>> did you call them at home and what was your reaction, elvis duran on the phone.

>> he was not happy.

>> they grew up listening to me on the radio. they heard me breaking other artists, it's their turn to be broken.

>> they knew it was the voice. they knew it was the real elvis.

>> to toot their horn, they're selling out everywhere they go with not a lot of publicity. they've got such an underground following.

>> i just heard a little bit upstairs and it sounded very, very script a little bit. that's one of the very few i like.

>> have you guys been together for long time?

>> we went to college together.

>> how old are you guys?

>> 23.

>> you were not going to say how old we are. but go ahead.

>> guess how old we are.

>> no.

>> i choose you is what they're going to sing.

>> i was at a party and he was like, you should sing for my funk band and we started doing this.

>> this is called "i choose you." crossed down to the west end i'm wasting my time i know, i know, i know, i know i know, i know, i know i know, i know, i know i know, i know, i know everybody needs somebody