TODAY   |  April 23, 2013

How to pick the best colors for your skin, hair

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas is out with a new book called “The Power of Style.” She explains that it’s important to pick outfits with colors that accentuate your skin tone and hair color, and shows how making a slight change could help you feel better about the way you look.

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>>> bobbie thomas has a great book that we think you should by. if you stare in your close et every morning to try to figure out ha looks good on you, we're here to make it easier.

>> she is an expert.

>> " today show " stylist and author, bobbie thomas is an expert on figuring out whether your skin tone is warm or cool and you can dress to your colors.

>> her book is called "the power of style" everything you need to know before you get dressed tomorrow. hey!

>> and we'll get through this week.

>> yeah, i will.

>> i with a want to give a thank you to both of you, you lift up not just myself but all the women around here.

>> the women we like.

>> we have seen videos of you and a bunch of girls sitting around in bras.

>> i wanted to reveal the true power of style which starts under the dress. it has nothing to do with the fashion sometimes it's what you see in the mirror and a lot of the women we use here to highlight trends and segments, all of the ladies are here today with me, but they're every day women and i have had my heart broken watching a mom look in the iror and criticize herself while her daughter is watching.

>> and it can do a lot of damage.

>> this is about fun stuffky help you with on the outside, a reference book . i have these brave women who are here with me today. talk about color , there's something really basic when it comes to color it's cool or warm and i have a graphic to show everyone at home.

>> for skin tone .

>> if you look at the inside of your wrist and you see the inside of your veins if you're more blue purple. i'm cool, you're warm and you're kind of in between.

>> i'm cool warm. you're on the fence.

>> but it's not just about the color of your skin, whether you're light or dark. i also have another graphic to show you, so you can identify with some celebrities that look like you. these are cool colors and these are warm colors.

>> warm colors are like the desert, earthy greens, sunset. cool colors are like the ocean, jewel tones.

>> so we have melanie and melissa, wearing scarfs that are the wrong colors but when they swap you see the big difference when melissa puts on the warm orange and melanie puts the cool color on that's pink and it makes a big difference. it kind of warms your skin tone up. another big test, another big test is that white and ivory , not all white is equal. franzen looks amazing with the red hair , the white is kind of contrasting with. when she swaps with marino, she was washed out in the ivory and when she puts the white on, it pops and the red hair really works and warms up with the soft ivory . the small differences make a big difference. because this book is about the power of attraction and getting people to notice you. and pat is my last example. who is wearing a gorgeous color that i love. but you can break the rules, you can wear any color , it's about the shade of the color . this is a little bold, so it's kind of competing with her hair. like most women we spray tan or dye our hair. but a softer salmon really kind of softens her up. and so that's the kind of stuff i wanted to put in the second part of the book.

>> the other thing i like about the book is it tells you your body type and what you should wear. if you're short-waisted, do i wear a long thing or short thing. it kind of gives you abcs.

>> i wanted to tape what was in my head when i would walk into a dressing room and i would see an x on people. i help you figure out what your x factor is and that's where your shoulders and hips meet. you'll learn so much to make it easy.

>> your right, it's like an encyclopedia for fashion. and ladies,