TODAY   |  April 23, 2013

KLG: ‘I feel for’ the ‘F-bomb’ anchor

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb view video of the North Dakota news anchor who dropped the F-bomb on-air on his first day on the job, and say they understand the nerves he was feeling. Hoda also recalls how she introduced herself incorrectly on her first anchor job.

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>>> hello, everybody. it may be booze-day, tuesday, april 23rd for you, but it's not for me.

>> you're not feeling great.

>> no, i'm not, hoda. but i'm here for you because i don't trust you when i'm not around.

>> it's very unusual that you don't feel well. in the past five years, this is the second day. the very first day we worked together, shooting promos.

>> and we have joe at the ready.

>> joe is there.

>> joe has a bucket.

>> five years ago. joe , how was i?

>> he's got a bucket in his hand.

>> yeah. he's there. you know what i went, i worked with rege for ha, 15 years and never, never had a sick day. not once. i've worked with you now five years and never had a sick day.

>> but you don't feel good.

>> well that's, wouldn't you stay home for a sick day? but see, i'm too proud. it's a ridiculous thing.

>> well were you going to slip and say something inappropriate like that guy did?

>> like frickin' poo-poo?

>> there was a kid named aj clemente.

>> are you sure? his co-host wasn't sure what it was.

>> he was a co-host anchoring in south dakota .

>> we want you to watch it through the beginning of the news cast.

>> he had a little bit of nerves.

>> his first second.

>> nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high definition .

>> [ bleep ] [ bleep ].

>> good evening, i'm van tieu. this is our new anchor, aj clemente. he'll be joining the weekend fwhus team as my co-anchor. tell us a little bit about yourself, aj?

>> thanks, van, i'm very excited. i graduated from west virginia originally and i'm used to being from the east coast .

>> okay. well --

>> i feel for them. honestly. we've all been brand-new on the job somewhere, scared, poopy-less and that's what he was. but everybody around here having a lot of fun with this.

>> in local news, by the way, i don't know what market that is --

>> north dakota , hoda.

>> bismarck, i was in 168 greenville, mississippi. i'll never forget it.

>> is that the biggest one in the nation?

>> uh-huh. and it took you 30 times to get there?

>> i was rejected 29 times until i got there.

>> here was the deal, ann martin is a legend in that small town in mississippi and she was out sick. because i showed up to work with a blazer, they asked me to anchor and that was the only thing that qualified me. i was terrified. i remember i was looking at the camera. i was please god, let me make it it said in the teleprompter, good evening, i'm hoda kotb , ann martin is out sick. and i thought please god, this is my pick break. and i looked up at the teleprompter and said good evening, i'm ann martin .

>> i wanted to pull it back.

>> when i mess up, i keep messing up. it was a disaster.

>> you kept digging, didn't you?

>> it was at the very end of the newscast, it was over and i'll never forget the floor director, like davy, but much younger. he took the mic off like -- ooh. and i went --

>> never going to see you again.

>> i thought i was fired. i went to the grocery store , because when i get depressed i like to eat a lot of things. i went looking for food and this crazy-looking woman came up to me, her hair was nuts, she had a few teeth and she goes like this -- oh, my god, i just seen you on tv. i felt so sorry for you. i was like, i thought it was my first anchoring and my last. but thank god, my boss gave me a second break.

>> he said something cute. i think you wrote about this in your book, that i actually read. didn't he say something sweet to you?

>> he did say something sweet. but when you think of the times you blow it. it happened to me over and over on local news. i remember speaking in what sounded like a foreign language to my co-anchor.

>> like zaba-zu, like what are you talking about?

>> and 30 seconds seems like an eternity at times like that.

>> what do you think of this guy?

>> well, he was suspended at first, right and then later that day, let go. i, when i read that, in the papers today, i thought, that wasn't -- that wasn't right. it seems to me he should have been given a second chance. then i saw it. and i went -- how can they let him go back on the air. brand-new job, aren't you trying to impress people at least the first day? you get a little class, i little dignity, a little, all of those things?

>> or when it slips out to go oh my god.

>> i wasn't apologetic at all. he probably didn't know her name, either. these people should have spent a little time together. although they threw up together pretty darn quickly, didn't they?

>> i don't want to throw up.

>> me, too.

>> anyway, so here's the deal. speaking of --

>> in light of what we just got -- we'll segue into the same stuff.

>> something equally as vulgar. there was, what was it, where was it, walmart, k-mart?

>> k-mart has this very, very clever ad. if you haven't seen it, you should, it's called -- ship your pants. in other words, they're going to do shipping is free. you've got to be so careful when you say that.

>> when you ship your pants.

>> right. let's watch.

>> ship my pants? right here? ship my pants? you're kidding.

>> you can ship your pants right here.

>> did you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. wow, i could ship my pants.

>> i can't wait to ship my pants, dad.

>> i just shipped my pants and it's very convenient, very convenient.

>> i can ship my drawers.

>> i just shipped my nightie.

>> i just shipped my bed.

>> if you can't find what you're looking for at the store, you can find it at and they'll ship it to you for free.

>> i did and it's so convenient.

>> i love that ad.

>> that's going to be embarrassed by that but i'm not at all. i thought it was very, very funny. remember i told you one time on the air what the bad word means. the origins of words?

>> the other one, the one, the "t" one, apparently back entitle 1600s , there's a man who knows far better said kathie, that's not true. but i like it this way, okay? i'm being willfully ignorant on the subject. back when they used to ship fertilizer on ships. yes. there were all of these -- boats were exploding. and they couldn't figure it out until they realized that when, when boats do this, when they rock, cargo moves. and cargo can get wet. and when the fertilizer cargo got wet with the ammonia gas? it exploded.

>> so what --

>> what they did was they started -- they were geniuses in the 1600s , they started marketing it acronym, ship high in transit .

>> what is that again? ship high in transit . store high in transit. store high in transit.

>> good to know. is it time for sara?

>> i think it might be.

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>> the people that won it last year had a ball.

>> we want to give a big shout-out to bonnie hammer . she's one of our fearless leaders here at nbc she was honored with other women at the matrix awards.

>> what a body she has.

>> joan rivers was emceeing and you know what that meant -- it was hilarious.

>> and she wasn't bleeped once.

>> she was great.

>> she gets those things confused wi confused with friar's clubs, i think. al got an honor from the friar's club. congratulations al.

>> these jeans have been recycled, have they not?

>> they're very comfortable.

>> they're $178. wow, they're expensive for, at

>> eight recycled bottles go into that.

>> and by the way, you makeup and hair looks fab.

>> who is in makeup today?

>> kristen.

>> thank you.