TODAY   |  April 23, 2013

10 food tips that will change your life

Jen Ator of Women’s Health magazine shares the best food advice from top food bloggers that will take your cooking skills to the next level. Suggestions include marinating steak for 10 minutes after cooking it, and using cheese rinds to add flavor to soup.

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>>> in "tooled's kitchen, ten food tips that will change your life." jen ader is health and fitness editor for "women's health" magazine. blow our minds. number one.

>> always crack an egg on a flat surface.

>> why?

>> because if you do it without it you're going to get the shells will fall in. crack on a flat surface. empty jelly jar, instead of throwing that out, oil and vib garr, salt and pepper , you have a berry vinaigrette for a salad. marinades you take an extra day, plan ahead.

>> you say no.

>> no.

>> no.

>> no, once it's done tooking place it in the marinade ten minutes.

>> my head's go to go!

>> so simple.

>> instead of salt.

>> cut back on the sodium, squeeze some lemon.

>> when do you do that?

>> right after it's finished cooking.

>> anything?

>> anything.

>> limes work great, too on chicken and fish and pretty much anything.

>> i got to take a second. okay. cheese rind.

>> put it in a soup, minestrone, gives it this rich, fuller flavor. before you serve it, take the rind out. we're just going to keep going.

>> you say freeze your butter.

>> when you're making a pastry dough.

>> why?

>> you grate it in and once you finish grating it you'll handle the dough less and any good baker knows the less you hand tell the flakier and richer the pastry will be when you're finished.

>> are you allowed to tell us this stuff?

>> top secret.

>> bizarre vegetables.

>> when in doubt, roast them. they're great, make sure they're cut the same length, oil, salt and pepper , throw them in at 400 degrees, they'll look beautiful, people will think you're a master chef.

>> doesn't everything taste better roasted?

>> a nice caramelized flavor.

>> could you use the cheese rind on that?

>> i don't know if that would fork for this.

>> i was just wondering.

>> this is a great one, most people making a cookie or bread that has cinnamon and spices in it, put it into dry pmixture. put it into the butter and sugar when creaming it. the fat in the butter disperses the flavor more intensely throughout the bread. amazing.

>> this is scary. ginger.

>> ginger, you want to freeze it so ginger is great but you only use a little bit at a time. the rest goes bad. if you freeze it, it stays fresh and grate it when ready to use it.

>> great anti-oxidant, die jess shun. it's a super food .

>> and this i think is best for last most important thing. you want to make a salad, you rinse the leafs but they're wet. if they're not super dry the salad dressing will not stick so you want to make sure they're super dry. if you don't have the salad spinner, line paper towels and that's what gives it extra flavor you'll use less dressing because it will stick to the leaves and not roll off.

>> jen ader you are a national treasure .

>> mind-blown, right?

>> i'm going to have to get me a new brain and we're going to roast it. thanks so much. we are back in a moment,