TODAY   |  April 23, 2013

Should we raise the age to buy cigarettes?

The TODAY anchors chat about some of the hot topics of the day, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s support of a proposal to increase the legal buying age for cigarettes from 18 to 21.

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>>> in my head now thanks.

>> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, april 23rd , 2013 . it's a chilly morning, i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales . some days this job is cooler than others.

>> yes.

>> some days you walk in and steve martin is picking on the banjo while edie brickell sings with him.

>> sometimes we walk in and just see the crew breaking down.

>> like right now.

>> that's all i got to say.

>> boy can he pick. steve martin can play that thing.

>> a man of many talents.

>> remember when he used to play with an arrow through his head. that's how old i am.

>> of course.

>> our take one, who else young a.j. clemente from our nbc affiliate in bismarck, north dakota , first night at the anchor desk you may have seen this by now, just a tough way to start a career.

>> it's gone viral.

>> nbc north dakota news your news in high definition . okay. [ bleep ].

>> good morning, a.j. will be joining the weekend news team as my co-anchor.

>> thanks, van, i graduated from west virginia university and used to being from the east coast .

>> you got my suit.

>> that hurts, i feel bad for him.

>> he didn't realize it was live either.

>> there were people talking to him as they tend to do here on many occasions.

>> you got to remember this is his first time live.

>> yes.

>> sent out a tweet and wrote rookie mistake i'm a free agent, because he was fired by that station. can't help but laugh at myself and stay positive. wish i didn't trip over my freaking shoes out of the gate.

>> just go with that.

>> this begs the question have either of you ever dropped a word on television you'd like to have back?

>> not an expletive but something i just said something can i take that back?

>> i've been on the air with someone who did in the retelling of a story in which there was an "f" bomb.

>> oh no,.

>> didn't realize he was telling someone else 's story, said it on the air and this host didn't realize he'd said it himself so he keeps going through the story and we're all of a sudden, like this, he gets in his ear and realizes.

>> al owns his own career to somebody else's expletive.

>> i'm not getting anywhere near the word. i think it happens and today people are more forgiving of that. on 87% of the people.

>> said he should not have been fired.

>> i think it was a knee-jerk reaction.

>> he'll be here tomorrow we have an exclusive with him, we'll have our seven-second delay or the bleeping machine ready to go just in case.

>> i like to think he's learned his lesson. he'll get a second chance somewhere, first time ever on television. he'll be back.

>> now he gets to go national with the "today" show.

>> we'll talk to him tomorrow.

>> he's gone national already.

>> he's gone viral.

>> take two, mayor bloomberg in new york city is supporting a proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase a pack of cigarettes to 21 from 18. this is on the heels of a decade of moves to crack down on smoking under mayor bloomberg here in new york city . new york already has the highest cigarette tax in the country, as of late last year, 28 states banned smoking in all general workplaces, public places, including bars and restaurants. so this essentially would raise the age if it goes through to the same age where you can buy booze so booze and cigarettes in the same category.

>> you wonder if that will backfire make more kids the same with alcohol want to try it because you have to be 21 to have access to it.

>> i don't know.

>> i think it's a great idea.

>> i do, too.

>> there needs to be some tougher legislation.

>> the good news is that new york smoking rate for teens in new york city is at like 8.5%, which is far less than the state average and the national average, but it's been stagnating. it had been dropping and now it's stagnating. i don't see anything wrong with it.

>> this continues the long decline of smoking in america some numbers that stunned me t wasn't until 1998 that smoking was banned aboard all u.s. domestic flights under six hours.

>> i remember we were talking about how it doesn't seem like it was that long ago, i remember taking a flight to europe and being stuck in the smoking section. it's like whoa. it's awful.

>> of course now you walk out of a building and you have people congregating smoking.

>> i'm waiting for that to be the next move.

>> keep them from out of the port buildings. you want to smoke, get out into the cold and rain and get out, leave's lone.

>> that's one of the things our kids will look back on. you got to smoke inside these metal cylinders as you flew six hours across the ocean.

>> and you walk past the rooms, these people in the smoke filled cubicles. look at that, mommy, look!

>> i was on a flight recently and a guy had one of these electric cigarette type things and i'm seeing more and more of that catching on, but i mean still nicotine is still a drug.

>> do you like them wilight them with electric ted robinsonic matches?

>> i was at breakfast in new york and guy two booths over having his breakfast and puffing away steam.

>> that's very popular move right now.

>> yes. our take three the best and worst jobs of 2013 , this is a new survey from let's start with the best for this year, number one, actuary, insurance company , looking through data.

>> they make on average $87,000 a year to start. biomedical engineer , software engineer . engineering the way to go it seems.

>> financial planner .

>> audiologist and financial player.

>> 87,600 is the means for actuary.

>> 9:00 to 5:00 hours, probably bank holidays off.

>> the worst jobs of 2013 , number one this year, newspaper reporter, they say the average salary is something like $36,000 and declining. that industry obviously is shrinking in print.

>> especially local papers.

>> lumberjack. i'm a lumberjack, i'm okay, i work all night and i sleep all day

>> has the obvious dangers.

>> that's why i'm not a good lumberjack.

>> number three, enlisted military personnel.

>> that's terrible.

>> number four, actor, worst job.

>> if you're not brad pitt , right. the median salary is like $17,000 and actor/waiter/waitress.

>> good job for 30 people at the very tough. and oil rig worker was the last one.

>> lots of dangers.

>> tv hosts not on the worst list yet.

>> unless you're a.j. clemente.

>> takes a while to get there. experienced how hard it is.

>> a.j. will be here tomorrow