TODAY   |  April 23, 2013

Green beauty: Look pretty, protect the planet

Eco-friendly makeup is making it easy to look great and protect the environment at the same time. Bahar Takhtehchian of Shape magazine shares eight beauty finds that are good for you, the earth, and your wallet.

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>>> this morning on "tooled's beauty" feeling pretty while protecting the planet. bahar from "shape" magazine has some tips. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> the foundation, must have.

>> absolutely.

>> here we have one that is eco-friendly and great for your skin.

>> that's right, this is from bare minerals and what makes this eco-friendly doesn't contain fillers, no fragrance and no waxes. it contains anti-aging botanicals. it's a powder but when it goes on it feels like a cream so it's nice and blendable.

>> really good coverage, too.

>> great product.

>> and important to have the right tools when you apply makeup and you found these ecotools.

>> this pack here is easy on your wallet and the earth so for $15 you get five different brushes. what i like about them feel how soft they are. cruelty free and the handle is made from bamboo.

>> good for travel, smaller sizes. now over to the bronzer and you're wearing the bronzer.

>> i am.

>> looks great on you.

>> thank you, this is from traditions formula. bronzer gives you the sun kissed glow without having you go in the sun. it has jojoba oil and organic milk. the packaging is 93% less plastic than your typical compact.

>> perfect. brush by aveda. why do you like this?

>> you get three different colors in one slice, no mineral oil , no parabins, it has organic lavender.

>> easy packaging, too.

>> this is recycled plastic so you can feel good, it's good for the earth.

>> tell us about this eco-friendly concealer?

>> it's from origins, it gives you great coverage, it has rosemary oil to firm up the skin around the eyes and get rid of the dark undereye circles.

>> need lots of that in the morning. i love these colors here, this is clay from the amazon, this eye liner , is that right?

>> this is a gel eye liner . it goes on really, really smooth, two different colors, dual sided bamboo brush.

>> the color again.

>> this is from tart so you can use it in the blue or the black. i love this.

>> and over here, mascara, a lot of people may think how can you make that eco-friendly. what did they use to tint it?

>> they're using fruit and vegetable pigments, everything from blueberries to blackberries, pomegranate. it has that fruity smell, 100% organic.

>> 100% natural.

>> this is by 100% pure is the brand.

>> it is 100% pure and last but not least lip glass and lip colors by burt's bees.

>> you get color and hydration and the actual package you can recycle this. and it comes in so many fun different shades. great for everyday use .

>> you can look good and feel good about the environment