TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

KLG, Hoda: We still love Reese Witherspoon

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about actress Reese Witherspoon getting arrested over the weekend after having “one drink too many.” Not only do KLG and Hoda still love her; Hoda now wants to re-watch some of her movies!

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>> announcer: and hoda kotb . live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> hey, everybody, we're so glad you're with us, it's fun-day monday, april 22nd , it is earth day today.

>> yes.

>> not just because of that but i think we're all celebrating that the drama came to, we hope, an end, there's still questionings remaining.

>> i've got to tell you, if you were watching tv , watching it unfold. when 8:40 or something hit and the police announced they had captured him. it was like you got to watch something real-time unfold. when they had the parade of police officers and stuff and everybody was applauding them after they had captured him and there was a moment when a big s.w.a.t. team went by and they blared, it was our pleasure.

>> and everyone started to clap and cry.

>> they caught the younger brother alive. now it's time for justice .

>> yes. yet to be determined how and when that's going to happen. i guess he's responding now. if there's some question whether he put a gun in his own mouth and tried to commit suicide. or whether that was result of the gun battle the night before. or -- hard to know.

>> he lost a lot of blood and there's the photo of him. and they said he was shot in the neck. so either he tried to take his own life or --

>> yeah.

>> we're not going to tell you how to be successful at that, but apparently it's all about the angle.

>> i'm so glad -- he's responding, not speaking, but writing answers down. i think that's the thing. now we know who and now we want to know the why.

>> able to write down the answers, because he got a very fine education from this country. his family was given asylum. he was given an education, given scholarship money.

>> and he seemed to have assimilated. when they kept interviewing his friends, and this is what struck me. he went back to his college campus and talked to people after the bombing.

>> he was tweeting, i'm stresstres stress-free kind of guy. went to the gym. he said, tragedies happen all the time. all over.

>> well neil diamond has a way of putting it --

>> have i told you about neil diamond , hoda?

>> well, he's your lover.

>> not exactly, but i do love him. that's how things get started. tell the story, it's so cute the way he showed us.

>> he took a red-eye that night. you know his song, " sweet caroline " is always played at fenway park . and he called the switchboard and said i'd love to sing at fenway park . he ended up singing right there at the game. and the crowd just went nuts.

>> i would go insane, anyway, if he showed up, i'm such a huge fan of his. personally and artistically. he realized they're playing a game tomorrow. he got on a plane. that's patriotism every bit as much as anything else. we're not like dear friends or anything but i remember particularly about six years ago or something like that i was interviewing him and we had one of those great, so rarely do we get a chance to spend a long time with someone. i think it was about an hour and 15 minutes . really went through his whole career and all of that. and i kept looking at the shirt he had on. it was like one of those velvet, i know that sounds tacky. but it wasn't, it was crushed velvet, it was a great shirt and i remember saying to him, i would love to have a sofa made out of that. that is the greatest-looking shirt. he said thank you so much. after i was getting ready to leave. he walks out of dressing room and literally gave me the shirt off his back. he gave it to me. i in turn, because this is the way i roll, gave it to my pastor who is a huge neil diamond fan and i've really been sorry ever since i gave it to him.

>> you should have kept it.

>> i know.

>> can we talk for one second, i'm only going to talk five seconds about my dog. and that's it.

>> what a weekend you had. it was your mom's birthday.

>> blake took a road trip with me to rehoboth beach with me in the car, for four hours. look who is walking blake .

>> oh, hi, we're walking blake .

>> there's my mom.

>> everybody got in on the blake fun.

>> how did blake do in the car --

>> look what's happening.

>> how is it walking him?

>> good.

>> he good?

>> uh-oh.

>> here comes trouble.

>> now let's remember, he has not been fixed yet.

>> he's three months old.

>> they already did it.

>> i thought you had to wait six months.

>> maybe he's six months then because they already did it. he's been fixed.

>> is that illegal?

>> i don't know, they fixed him and he was already fixed when he was here. let's talk about our friend, reece witherspoon.

>> everybody loves reese witherspoon and everybody was happy when she found love and happiness and had a baby with her husband, jim toth.

>> she had one of those nights where you wish you could unring the bell and do over.

>> if you're going to have a mug shot , that's a darn good one. they got pulled over . she and her husband. her husband apparently had too much to drink. he blew in the tube.

>> breathalyzer.

>> right.

>> and he was 3, . 1139 , .08 is the legal limit.

>> that's not the issue. it's what she did. she said she wanted to get out of the car and the officer told her, to stay in the car. i think he said, it says here miss witherspoon began to hang out the window and didn't believe i was a real police officer and i told her to sit on her butt and be quiet. and miss witherspoon responded, do you know my name and i said i don't know your name right now and she stated, you're about to find out who i am, you're about to be on national news.

>> that's true, but so is she. i love reese and i don't think she's thinking clearly , either. she did have a statement, which i thought was terrific. out of respect for the ongoing -- that's not what i'm, i wasn't going to read. the one where she says -- it goes down. out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, i can't comment on everything that's being reported right now. but i do want to say i clearly had one drink too many and i am deeply embarrassed about the things that i said. it was definitely a scary situation and i was frightened for my husband. but that is no excuse, i was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. i have nothing but respect for the police and i'm very sorry for my behavior.

>> that, people, is an apology.

>> she was quick to apologize.

>> complete ownership of it. whether it's lindsay lohan driving around or it's reese and her husband. why is it that the people who can afford it the most don't get a car and driver . if they know they're going out for a night on the town and have a couple of drinks, why don't you call a cab?

>> i don't know. i have to say when i was watching the earlier story. they showed her movies.

>> we love reese .

>> i want to see " sweet home alabama " and the johnny cash movie again.

>> and "legally blonde." she needs that lawyer right now.

>> she's a great actress and a lovely, lovely person and we all make mistakes. i made one saturday night. but i'm not going to tell you about it we went to my friend carol creole's restaurant. mario batali , they have a couple of restaurants together, we went there. the foo was fantastic. but we also had some wine. we had a great guy michael, who drove us there and drove us home. we're the very same people that they always ask us to do, don't drink and drive, psas. then you can't do it.

>> right, right -- don't drink and drive. anyway. we have to show this video, the little girl who dpont want to buckle her seat belt . we haven't seen it but it's touted as the video to watch.

>> no.

>> can i help?

>> no. no help.

>> you want me to help.

>> no. thank you.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> what do you want me to do? what?

>> worry about yourself. i'm doing this one. you drive! i don't need your help, you go drive!

>> oh!

>> you worry about yourself.

>> it reminded me of cassidy. i made her, i was crazy about getting her to say thank you. and no, thank you. thank you.

>> that's parents doing everything right. you got to love that guy.

>> shall we talk about favorite things?

>> shall we? first of all. brilliant minds think alike this our dear friend bobbie having a very big year. her book comes out together. she's getting married at my house on may 31st . this is her book, kickoff. it's a beautiful week, we want to get her on the bestseller list.

>> her book is really good.

>> i was looking through and it talks about body shape . and what clothes you're supposed to wear for your body shape . apparently i'm what is it? when you're, you're short-waisted, and i've been wearing the wrong clothes.

>> i tried to say so. but some of us didn't listen.

>> you're in front.

>> did she sign you'res?

>> this is an extra one. this is jerry's personal copy. we love her and "today" kicks off green, universal week. i have a green product.

>> where is it, over there?

>> it's one of those.

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