TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

5 must-have looks for guys under $100

Sandra Nygaard from Men’s Health shows how you can help your guy update his spring wardrobe with five looks less than $100 that he can wear on a casual Friday, on date night, and over the weekend.

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>>> for under $100, first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> men's fashions that won't break the bank .

>> if your man needs a little help in the fashion department, "men's health" magazine editor has some looks for us.

>> this is the work look.

>> jason --

>> oh my gosh!

>> tell us about this cassandra.

>> well, i just want to point out the entire look is constructed for a single sportcoat. everything is under $100. start with his blazer. a linen blazer, relaxed, it looks tailored, but it's very airy. he's going to be nice and relaxed. the pink, the pink shirt is there for a specific reason.

>> did he fight you on that?

>> no. here's the reason -- because women love pink. they love men in pink.

>> thank you, jason.

>> let's bring out our next lovely person. casual mark.

>> look at mark!

>> mark is one of our stage managers.

>> mark loves to wear sweaters.

>> yes, he does.

>> i wanted to keep him in his comfort zone . i wanted to add a little pop of color for spring. so we added the red. which brings your eye up. you notice his face first. notice the vertical line, elongating and slimming, something we can all use, right?

>> look at his haircut.

>> you just came to play.

>> thank you, mark.

>> thank you, mark.

>> for date night, let's bring out james , one of our utility guys.

>> james , wow!

>> james came to play, too.

>> you look cute, james .

>> tell us about what he's wearing.

>> look at the shoes, which are matching the bottom of the pants.

>> that is a great point. what i was going to say, women notice shoes, if you're going on a date, it's always great to have a fantastic pair of shoes, luckily for him this pair is under $100. guys always wonder what to wear on dates. it's all about balancing dressy and casual. he can wear jeans because he's wearing a tailored top.

>> he's adorable.

>> let's bring out our amazing security guard perez!

>> looking good. tell us about what perez has on?

>> this is for travel. a lot of guys travel in sweatpants and pajamas, i'm not kidding. think that's what they think they have to wear to look comfortable. instead i suggest a lightweight knit. it's versatile. it's just as comfortable as a t-shirt.

>> looking good, you look great.

>> this is warm and when he lands he can wear it with something else.

>> thank you.

>> let's bring out our final look. weekend -- ed.

>> oh, ed! stop it!

>> tell us about what he's got going on.

>> very cute.

>> the star of the show here. are the shorts, the shorts are the star of the show.

>> no, the hairy legs are the star of the show.

>> the dockers, they're docker shorts, you get two in one. they're reversible. there's a pattern on the inside, and chambray on the outside. the perfect pair of shorts and he's wearing them just right. guys should wear their shorts about an inch above their knee, otherwise it's going to make their legs look shorter.

>> let's bring out all our guys. coming up tomorrow what do we have?

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