TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Bob Harper: Caffeine can help ‘Jumpstart’ weight loss

Best known as a trainer on “The Biggest Loser,” Bob Harper says that if you need to lose weight for a big event, it’s possible to do it in three weeks by drinking espresso, cutting the booze, and doing low-intensity cardio before breakfast.

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>>> on get fit with kathie lee and hoda, we're helping you reach your weight loss goals in three weeks.

>> whether it's class reunion or spring weddings, celebrity fitness expert bob harper says he can help you slim down and get into shape just in time for the big event.

>> he's outs with a new book called "jumpstart to skinny" the three-week plan for super-charged weight loss .

>> hi. it's a plan, three weeks, i know that these women want to get in their wedding dresses in their bathing suits right now and this plan is going to get them to meet their goals.

>> it seems doable. it seems like people at home could do did. the first tip is salts.

>> people are eating such high processed foods right now and i'm trying to get them eat more healthy, fresh, food that has not been touched so much. you cut that salt and you're going to cut the water weight. that's what i need you to do.

>> you go low sodium, you think did would mean no sodium.

>> stop it, there's so much sodium in the food.

>> how much salt should you have a day?

>> about 1,000 milligrams a day. about a teaspoon-ish. i want you to use like more herbs and like limes and -- you use things like that to flavor your food, i see people immediately grabbing the salt to throw on to their foods before they even touch it. enough of that.

>> what about coffee? good or bad?

>> i think it's a huge benefit. in my plan i want you to be able to have a cup of coffee, espresso a couple of times throughout the day. it helps your metabolism, it helps your performance in the gym. i'm a big fan of caffeine. within moderation, of course.

>> and you're not a big fan of alcohol.

>> i was so excited to talk to you guys about this. because like no booze. i got to to talk to these ladies about no booze. it's three weeks. you guys went a whole month.

>> we did not.

>> did you do it? you went for a month.

>> on the air.

>> i'm dealing with these women that want to look great on their wedding dress i'm like --

>> i'm married for 27 years, i don't care.

>> you're going to go on the beach.

>> no, there's satellites up there.

>> we're the sad souls that do want to do it. tell them how to do it.

>> exercise is a part of it. one thing i want people to do is get up, 45 minutes to go for a walk before they have their first meal. easy.

>> you're going to have coffee. that's it.

>> working out on an empty stomach make you burn more calories?

>> i think it's a great benefit. it sets the routine. i want you to get a little bit of a workout in, it's low intensity, you're not going to be pounding it out like we're going to be doing here. but it's like i have a couple of moves, can i get up with you -- like just a squat. if you take your legs a little wider than shoulders and sink down, notice how she's dropping her hips below parallel, i want the big range of motion. the thing about it is when you're using your larger muscle groups, you think it's the leg and glute workout,i a full body workout.

>> i feel that after two.

>> how many of these should you do.

>> in my workout there is are about 15 minutes , if i got you doing something like this, say i did three rounds of this, 20 to 30 a round, you're going to be getting the heart rate up. that's what i really want and i love that these are your kettlebells , i didn't even know that they made kettlebells that small. these are earrings, these are not kettlebells . if you had heavier ones and you were really popping that, take it over your head. straight arms, she's doing a kettlebell swing. you have to hinge forward and pop it up. a move like this is going to be a great fat-burning movement.

>> thank you, sweetie.