TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Ryan Lochte: I can party at night, train by day

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has a new E! reality show, “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that he can party at the clubs at night and go through swimming training in the morning because he knows how to be a man at all hours.

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>>> welcome back to "today" on this fun-day monday, he's one of the golden boys of the olympic games , ryan lochte has captured the world's attention winning a total of 11 olympic medals in his career, five of them gold.

>> he's diving right into the world of reality tv .

>> that's good.

>> exactly. a new e show called "what would ryan lochte do?"

>> we do that when you're not even here.

>> everything from his family to his search for love. take a look.

>> would you describe yourself as a player?

>> describe player? going out trying to look for a date, i don't really have to do that. they come to me.

>> do you want to go out for dinner? i'll treat you. i don't know where my love life is going. there's millions and millions of women out there.

>> how are you doing?

>> fine, how are you?

>> i don't want many, i just want one. why can't i find them.

>> oh -- there's millions of beautiful women out there, i just want one.

>> you're just a humble sweet boy from gainesville, florida. are we supposed to believe that?

>> yes.

>> what was wrong with all of these girls we saw you schmoozing?

>> honestly, it had nothing to do with them. i think it was me. my lifestyle. i'm always on the go. i have appearances that i'm always leaving town.

>> what kind of appearances do you have?

>> obligations with my sponsors.

>> and so i'm never really at home all the time. and i think.

>> do you think that would be too tough on a relationship?

>> yes.

>> or too tough to develop one as a result?

>> both.

>> we know you from the pool from the olympics. now we're seeing the other side of you. for people who missed last night's show, what is the other side?

>> the other side -- i mean you know when everyone thinks of an olympian, they think they eat, they train, they sleep. that's it.

>> that's all they do.

>> with me, that's definitely not the case. i'm the complete opposite.

>> tell us.

>> i have fun.

>> what do you do for fun?

>> i go out and i'm doing stuff, pretty much i could get myself hurt in, basketball, skateboarding.

>> why is that a good thing?

>> because i'm living life.

>> the responsors don't like that, either.

>> he's living his life.

>> yes.

>> as long as i have that smile on my face, i'm living life and i'm having fun .

>> has it always been like that or were you saturated, pruny and you said, that's it.

>> no, i've always been like that. swimming doesn't define me, it's just a sport that i'm good at.

>> you're drinking, clearly in some of these scenes, how are you training the next morning after the drinking?

>> you know i was always told -- growing up, i mean if you're going to be a man at night, you got to be a man in the morning. meaning if you're going it go out, beat your body up, drink, dance, stay up late, you got to still have a job to do. and you have goals that you still need accomplished. and no matter what the circumstance is, i'm waking up and i'm going to the pool and i'm putting 110% effort into it.

>> going to the pool it train and going to the pool in vegas are two very different things, aren't they, ryan lochte ?

>> yes, they are.

>> you're obviously a terrific athlete. if you do drink late at night , most athletes wouldn't do that because they wouldn't be top of their game the next day. you wouldn't be top of your game the next day, you have to give 110.

>> yes, you can. i have to push my body that much harder.

>> you don't do that during the olympics?

>> no, no, there's --

>> what do you drink, what is your drink of choice?

>> my drink of choice?

>> if i had to choose it, it would probably be johnny walker on the rocks. i like that.

>> a blonde or brunette.

>> i don't have a preference?

>> tall or short.

>> i don't have a preference.

>> heavy or --

>> so far i'm in the running.

>> as long as the woman makes me happy, and makes me laugh, i'm set.

>> see, hoda, there's hope for us.

>> ryan lochte , you take care of yourself. watch out for those, you know what i'm talking about.

>> gold-diggers.

>> you can catch all-new episodes of "what would ryan lochte do?"