TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Nanny uses nap time to watch KLG, Hoda

TODAY’s Sara Haines introduces Vicky Kephart from Kansas City, Mo., as the newest Fan of the Week. Vicky is a nanny who watches Kathie Lee and Hoda during nap time, as well as a true home ambassador who tells friends and family all about the Fourth Hour.

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>>> and it's fun-day monday, that means it's time for the fan of the week.

>> sara lass a lucky winner and it is --

>> vickie kephart, from kansas city , missouri, vicky is a full-time nanny, so nap time means kathie lee and hoda time in her house.

>> according to vicky, tgif stands for, thank god it's fourth hour. she's not only a loyal viewer but a true show ambassador, she's always talking about the show to friends and family and even strangers. her facebook wall is full of posts of her favorite " today show " segments, like ambush makeovers. in celebration of earth weekend, nbc universal , we're sending you on a green trip to greensboro, north carolina .

>> it's gorgeous there.

>> especially this time of year.

>> a two-night stay at the platinum-certified hotel in u.s., the proximity hotel. an elevator that generate electricity, 100 solar panels that heat the water and a restaurant with views of a nature preserve . it includes lunch and dinner, bike rentals, round-trip airfare for two, provided by the proximity hotel in greensboro.

>> i like her t-shirt.

>> she's a party animal that one.