TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez back together?

E! News’ Jason Kennedy fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on the Hollywood stars making headlines over the weekend, including Justin Bieber, who posted a photo on Instagram showing him cuddling with Selena Gomez. Also up for discussion: Kate’s baby bump and the top performers at the box office.

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>>> headlines.

>> from new photos of kate's baby bump. and jason kennedy is here with more.

>> his mom and dad are visiting with more.

>> how cute. now we know why you turn out like you did, buddy. practically perfect.

>> so bradley cooper , he does all great things, it seems and he did something else just spectacular.

>> he's shooting a movie in boston. went to the bedside of jeffrey baughman, junior, a man who lost both legs in the boston bombing. there's the eyeingenic image of a man wheeling him away from the finish line after the incident. julian edelman, a wide receiver for the new england patriots, took the photo and tweeted it out. it's so great, here's a guy who has gone through so much. these guys are busy, they came to visit him and it looks like jeffrey is doing well.

>> god bless him.

>> isn't he the one that woke up and remembered seeing one of the bombers.

>> and told authorities. he gave them a description.

>> incredible.

>> let's switch gears a little bit. justin bieber has been having some trouble. but there's a photo floating around of him and his old girlfriend, selena gomez .

>> it was a big story last week that selena and justin were both in norway together. we didn't have photographic evidence, now we do. this is serious news here. here's the photo. put it up on an instagram account and removed it after a few minutes.

>> you can't tell where it was taken.

>> but they are together and she went to his concert in denmark over the weekend as well. a lot of people think she's a good influence on his life. but they're young. that's what you do. young love . you get together, you break up. you break up again.

>> could that be part of the reason he's been in a downward spiral. it seems like all the big influences in his life have been gone.

>> all the healthy ones.

>> that's what so many people say. we can't officially say they're back together the but they are spending tyime and he gave us the photo proof.

>> i think there's a suggestion, someone take away his phone. you have to tell me what you're going to say. all he needs is someone to sort of guide him. don't tweet that, you're not going to be happy with this tomorrow.

>> a terrible accident.

>> todd harrell , a bassist for three doors down. he clipped another vehicle in nashville. spun a guy out of control, he killed him, a 47-year-old man and then he admitted to authorities, not only was he drinking and driving he was under the influence of pills, he brought the pills in the jail, hid them in a sock and this is not the first time it's happened. he got arrested for a d.u.i. last year.

>> what kind of pills?

>> xanax, vicodin, you name it he brought in a boatload, literally.

>> that seems to be the next thing causing problems. not the illegal drugs, the ones you can get over the the counter.

>> at the box office , tom cruise hit a home run .

>> he hasn't had an opening like this in years, he hasn't had a movie like this with this success in a long time. it's a sci-fi thriller. "42" jackie robinson going strong . a good weekend for come cruise with "oblivion."

>> do you think it's escapism when there's so much going on in the world, that everybody has been glued. they said enough bad news. let's watch some unreal bad news.

>> you got to have shows like that so people can flip over and watch it.

>> let's talk about kate's baby bump for a minute. did we see it?

>> she is so love by.

>> she's wearing this kind of a green jacket and you can visibly see it there. she did a private and a public appearance at windsor castle with a lot of scouts over the weekend. it's visible. she's six months pregnant and you would think, you know, she's nearing the end and she's going to stay home and just hang out. but she was out last weekend hanging out. she increased her appearances and stuff. so she's going to be out and about even more now.