TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

How to keep your backyard party green

Summer will soon be here, which means you’ll be headed outside for backyard parties. Rebekah George of shares eco-friendly items that will make your party fun as well as environmentally friendly.

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>> this morning on "today goes green," throwing an ecofriendly backyard party. rebecca george is here with some great ideas. good to see you.

>> why hello there.

>> you see more and more of these ecofriendly ideas for your backyard, which can actually -- you can use inside as well.

>> you're right. it's a really great idea to go green when you're doing a party. we've always been about this. these are some of our faves. an evite is best, but if you want to send an invitation, 100% recyclable material. completely plantable. throw it in the ground, blossoms.

>> i was at a hotel recently and it had the cards that had the seeds in them.

>> that's what this is. and so is this, al. if you're thinking about how you're going to demo your food, these are plantable. want a carrot? completely plantable afterwards. they'll sprout some flowers.

>> that's pretty cool.

>> now, decor. you want to look for recyclable materi materials. bamboo. comes with your complete kit. bamboo and recyclable materials .

>> it's a lot more durable. it's stronger.

>> you're right. so ditch the plastic and go for these. under $50. these are one of our faves.

>> so you're bringing a present.

>> we can do a little demo, but i love this. anyone can do this. a runner for your table. go to your local hardware store. diy garland. take your old magazines, text heavy to give that vintagy look. make your own garland. all you have to do is fold these up. very vintagy. balloons. these are completely -- they will not get into the ground.

>> they're biodegradable.

>> biodegradable. you can have balloons at your party. how cool is that?

>> and biodegradable sandwiches! that's amazing.

>> when you eat it, they will be. a really great way to tie up your sandwich, because you can use this afterwards, is your napkin. so just take your sandwich, put it in the bandanna, tie it up and you'll be good to go.

>> all right. charcoal. burn clean. this is coconut charcoal . it burns clean. it's chemical-free. so great.

>> if you're going to grill a margarita or peina colada, this is perfect.

>> very vintagy and chic. a great way to get water. this is a zing anything. take this, put it in there. press it down. then afterwards, you put your water in it, and the fruit will infuse up. it's bpa-free, so it's a great option.

>> our director uses this with vodka.

>> i love him. i love him. speaking of wine, you want to go fair trade and organic and even local, great options from bontera. now we talk about setting the mood. a little light . this is elemental sun jars. during the day, it takes all the sunlight, and then at night, you turn it on and it completely lights up.

>> really?

>> yeah. so it's a great option. and you can't forget about those bugs. these are bug bands. it is made from natural ingredients that keep the bugs away. you put these on, they're only $5, and the bugs will stay away .