TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Giada De Laurentiis cooks up an Earth Day feast

To commemorate Earth Day, chef Giada De Laurentiis shows some of her favorite ways to use Mother Nature’s offerings in your own kitchen, whipping up an herb salad and pesto with basil, mint, and parsley.

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>>> this morning on "today's kitchen goes green," some off-the-wall cooking. back with us, giada de laurentiis . we mean that quite literally when we say off the wall. this is the living wall .

>> there's lots of beautiful herbs growing here. they do this at restaurants, and they even do it for people's homes. pretty cool, isn't it?

>> so a chef would actually have one of these out back?

>> yes, and they go clip their herbs and make pesto and salad and even a drink with it.

>> we're going to make some pesto ravioli, i understand.

>> this is a very tall wall. i'm a very petite woman.

>> are you going to ask me to get up there?

>> i thought you could give me a little push.

>> i'm going to boost you up here? is this a good idea?

>> he can handle it.

>> what are we going for so i know where to aim?

>> just don't knock me over. some lavender, parsley.

>> she's going to be up there a while.

>> you get to pick one.

>> i'm going to go for some thyme. ready? oh wait, i can't get it.

>> she got the thyme.

>> she's got the thyme, you got the muscle.

>> good thing i didn't eat breakfast so far today. we're going to start with an herb salad. starting with arugula. and then we're going to add --

>> is that parsley?

>> it's parsley. it's basil. throw some thyme in. some lemon thyme. i like to clip some chives as well for that sweet onion flavor.

>> this is right up your alley, natalie .

>> is that fennel that you put on top?

>> natalie could do it.

>> i'll give you a boost.

>> this is the great thing. we're going to dress it with a little vinegarette. i like to put some edible flowers .

>> how do you know?

>> where do you get an edible flower ?

>> from the edible flower store.

>> you can get them at the grocery store .

>> i've seen them at the grocery store .

>> i put it right over the top . what i love, even on mother's day, is to grill some chicken or steak and serve it right over the top .

>> most people don't have a living wall , so where am i getting my herbs?

>> at the grocery store or you can plant them in your yard or kitchen.

>> all right, a little pesto now.

>> so we're going to add all these different herbs. basil, parsley, mint for sweetness. that is al's secret ingredient .

>> it's the anchovy piece. it's that salty bite you can't get from anything else.

>> that looks good.

>> there we go.

>> you just don't tell people you put it in. little salt and pepper . going to put some pine nuts in there for a little richness, some parmesan cheese .

>> a little olive oil , right?

>> the first thing we're going to do, actually, natalie , the first thing we're going to do is --

>> got to turn it back on. okay, now try it. okay.

>> so i turn it on to break up all the herbs. and then we can start adding the olive oil .

>> it probably emulsifies better that way, right?

>> you took the top off.

>> usually you're supposed to add it while it's running.

>> but if you do that, it won't -- hiring a professional chef!

>> it's different.

>> if you get the giada de laurentiis one.

>> at target.

>> there's the pesto.

>> the ravioli.

>> stop! get it together. cheese ravioli.

>> with that delicious pesto.

>> what's in the drink?

>> the drink is awesome. it's vodka infused with rosemary, oregano, and lavender. add sparkling water and sweet vermouth .

>> thanks so much.