TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

People around the world show support for Boston

After an emotional and harrowing week for the city of Boston, tributes have come in from around the world to honor those killed and injured in the bombing, as well as the heroes who apprehended the suspects. The TODAY anchors, along with Giada De Laurentiis, chat about this and other hot topics.

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>>> let's get to today's take three. we want to start in boston . where else could we start? as that investigation goes on that natalie was talking about. want to look back at the weekend and some of the tributes that were paid, beginning monday at the marathon there. a moment of silence 30 seconds before the beginning of the race. a lot of the winners there wearing black ribbons to pay tr tribute.

>> a couple of runs here in new york city as well. meanwhile, also, you saw the boston red sox game this weekend. it was really amazing. great moments there. first just starting with the uniforms. they replaced the red sox on the front with just boston . everybody feeling the boston strong.

>> and then neil diamond coming out singing that song " sweet caroline ."

>> imagine being on the other end of that call. this is neil diamond .

>> yeah, sure.

>> it's boston . they're not going to buy that.

>> you know what's nice about all this? is that it really brings people together. makes them feel more of a community and people really -- i think in a time where we're so separated with twitter and facebook and all the social media , it just makes people want to hug each other and be together.

>> it's a shame it took this, but it is true.

>> absolutely.

>> the great mike barnacle of boston said fenway was like a basilica in the back bay over the weekend.

>> that's a great way to put it.

>> and by the way, david ortiz , the slugger, known as big papi , gave a pregame speech that has turned into the most popular t-shirt in new england. the head of the fcc, by the way, tweeted out and said i stand with big papi . here it is right here. he spoke from the heart. i stand with big papi .

>> because you know that the fcc can sometimes crack down on these things.

>> yes.

>> it was a moment, it was emotion.

>> there were kids in the audience as well.

>> it came from the heart. kerry sanders did a really neat piece about some young girls, 9 and 10-year-olds who set up a lemonade stand , thought they would raise a couple bucks for martin richard and his family. something now around like $5,000. some bright spots in the middle of all this.

>>> here's a turn. reese witherspoon , you may have heard, arrested over the weekend. apologizing now for some strange behavior . she was in atlanta with her husband. her husband was driving. he was pulled over on suspicion of dui. his blood alcohol level thought to be reported to 139.

>> she got a little heated, apparently, allegedly, according to the police. they said she said do you know who i am?

>> she was probably scared, too.

>> she was scared.

>> you get scared.

>> she also said they had a little too much to drink.

>> she made a mistake. she's apologized.

>> she owned up to it.

>> she said do you know who i am? you're going to find out. it's going to be in the national news.

>> she was right on that.

>> this is her statement, by the way. she said, "i clearly had one drink too many, i am deeply embarrassed about the things i said. i have nothing but respect for the police and i'm very sorry for my behavior."

>> okay, so let's move on.

>> i wouldn't have pegged her for the don't you know who i am type.

>> but you know what? she had a bad day .

>> it was the booze talking. let's go to take three. this is a great story. especially if you're in the art field. this is the kind of commitment we should be seeing every single day. dedication. a news reporter in china about to get married. she's in her wedding dress .

>> getting made up.

>> it's wedding day on saturday. natalie just reported on this earthquake in sixuan province. she gets out of the chair, races and reports on the story in her wedding dress .

>> that's pretty impressive.

>> did about ten minutes of interviews. interviews of survivors there. she's holding the white dress.

>> and the veil.

>> later on she tossed the microphone, somebody caught it. [ laughter ]

>> i wonder what her husband felt like.

>> she was there. she made it to the ceremony.

>> imagine if you're marrying her and she's gone.

>> when duty calls, though.

>> she married the camera man.

>> you know, that's a good plan. because they can do that together, you see? it's smart.

>> sounds like a jennifer aniston movie.

>> she got married really quickly, and then she went back and continued her reporting.

>> wow. that's dedication.

>> a bonus take for you. this is earth day today. it's earth week as well. nbc universal . so to celebrate we're donating this full hour to teaching you ways to enjoy life while keeping it green. fashion, entertainment, cooking, we're going to cover all of that. we're asking you to share with us some of your favorite ways to bring a little kind to the environment. here's some of what you said. r.d. copeland tweeted us, i build straw bale and earth plaster homes. can you explain what that means?

>> he's got two brothers.

>> i was thinking the same thing.

>> we applaud him for what he's doing.

>> i bet it smells good, too.

>> another one. lindsay says her favorite way to save the planet, using cloth diapers and wipes.

>> i heard about that when i had my daughter.

>> and then what happened?

>> i think i tried it for, like, two days.

>> you have to watch them. i thought the smell, and the sink is full of you know what.

>> why do you hate the environment?

>> willie!

>> giada knows being green is a year round deal. she's been working with kids in an elementary school in l.a. to plant a garden and grow their own food.

>> that's terrific.

>> how did this come about?

>> what i did in partnership with my agency is that we adopted the school in compton, california. it's foster elementary, and there's a lot of actual kids who are foster kids in the school. what i really wanted to do truly was just allow them to have a pleasant, fun, educational experience, and inspiring their spirits when they go to school. a lot of kids don't like the school, and i wanted to beautify the school somehow. i found a great area and built this garden. they just grow all these wonderful things. a lot of kids don't really know what vegetables are. they made zucchini bread and all of a sudden they are now in love with zucchini. so i just feel it's a different way to introduce all the wonderful things that we have that a lot of kids don't realize where they come from.

>> it looks beautiful, too. and you'll be back later in the hour to cook with us. off the living wall . the herbs.

>> you and i are cooking together.