TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

These fashions are stylish as well as eco-friendly

In honor of Earth Day, Chassie Post of shares the hottest green trends, from floral pants and dresses to vegan leather.

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>> this morning on "today goes green", eco chic. let's talk about ecofriendly fashion. a lot of people are like what does it really mean? is it really ecofriendly material?

>> well, it can be a lot of things. the great news is that it doesn't look ecofriendly anymore, so we're thinking about materials, we're thinking about how things are made, you know, fair trade and labor, and the health of our soil. and the water we use. so it's a lot of things now. it's not just organic cotton anymore.

>> there you go. let's get to it. first, starting out with ecofriendly florals, and we have heather along with her 7-year-old daughter fiona.

>> yes, and they are both wearing the h&m conscious collection. you guys may have seen this on the runway when helen hunt at the oscars wore that conscious collection dress, which was so affordable, and that's the great news. this collection is the same price as h&m's other clothing, which hasn't always been the case. so heather is wearing this gorgeous outfit. most expensive thing is $34.

>> wow. and that's the pants.

>> the floral pant. she's also wearing these fantastic organic cotton shoes. these are just $49.

>> those are cotton shoes?

>> organic cotton . and they are so chic. you can't tell.

>> and look at fiona with that beautiful dress.

>> isn't it beautiful?

>> it's actually made out of recycled polyester. both of their looks are. it's plastic bottles creating this fabric.

>> but it doesn't feel like plastic bottles .

>> not at all. it's so soft. consumers, they really want clothes that are ecofriendly but feel the same.

>> they look gorgeous. thanks so much. next trend is to the max. we have our model saba. what does it mean to go to the max?

>> nothing is more incredible than a maxi dress in warm weather. it's so easy and so comfy. and saba is wearing this great printed maxi from ecoskin. it's made out of tinsel, which is a new fiber. it's made out of a eucalyptus plant, which is renewable. it's just $68. her vest is waterless denim. it takes up to 90% water to produce this denim line, a little known fact.

>> that's great. i love the bag, too. looks gorgeous. thank you so much. next, we're loving colored leather, and our model is michelle. is this really leather?

>> it's vegan leather . we've seen stars like anne hathaway at the oscars wearing vegan leather shoes and natalie portman has been a big proponent of vegan leather .

>> sometimes vegan leather doesn't look like real leather, but not in this case.

>> yes, not in this case. it's fantastic looking. it's just $59. she's got a great pair of trouser jeans. this was was founded to foster trade with africa.

>> okay, thanks so much, michelle. next we have the chambray and peplum look.

>> two huge trends. the shirt of the season. so this shirt, again, is made out of tinsel. it's just $48. the skirt, we love. it is a fun peplum style. it's made under fair trade practices. it's made by a woman's cooperative in ghana. and it's so beautiful.

>> so colorful. thank you very much. next we have our ecoswim category.

>> this is a bathing suit line, it's ecofriendly. they're two identical twin brothers who were surfers. they saw all the plastic bottles on the beach. they thought let's marry great design and also ecofriendly materials. so seven plastic bottoms go into each bathing suit . so this is also made out of recycled polyester.

>> looks great. they all look great. it goes to show you that ecochic has gone so far in such a short amount of time. thanks so much. thanks to our beautiful ladies and our lovely