TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Massive stone figures pop up in Rock Center

TODAY’s Al Roker chats with artist Ugo Rondinone about the debut of his new art installation in Rockefeller Center called “Human Nature,” which features nine 16- to 20-foot-tall human-shaped stone figures.

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>> we are here in the plaza right now. if you've been in rockefeller plaza , you've seen this amazing exhibit, very stonehenge-like. it's called human nature . joining us right now is the creator of this. how are you, sir?

>> very well. good morning.

>> tell me about this. what's the inspiration for these rock sculptures?

>> we are standing here at the rockefeller center . so i thought i need something very basic. and i gave nine standing figures. as a group, they are called human nature .

>> and how tall are these?

>> they are all between 18 and 22 feet tall.

>> wow. what do they respect?

>> they are blue stones and they represent the most basic human figure.

>> how much do these things weigh?

>> one leg is zen on tseven tons.

>> seven tons? that's a lot of rock for rock center. how hard was it to create these things? how did you get the top rock up there?

>> we needed a crane, each rock. even if they look humble and simple, engineer-wise, it was a real accomplishment to get them together.

>> it really is. to see it all together like you're seeing now is an accomplishment, but to see it in person is really amazing. congratulations on this. this is really fantastic.

>> thank you very much.

>> kudos. thank you very much.