TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Matrix Awards honor women who change the world

Susan Schulz, president of New York Women in Communications, talks about the organization’s Matrix Awards, which will honor seven women who are working to change the world and award college scholarships to 18 promising young women.

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>>> minute to say good morning to the future of women in communications. these 18 women will collectively receive more than $100,000 in scholarships from the new york women in communications foundation at the matrix award ceremony to be held a little later today . susan schultz is the foundation's president. emily is one of the recipients. good morning. tell me about the scholarships.

>> these are 18 young women who will have your jobs one day. they're the future media stars. some of them are still in high school . most are college undergraduates. this year, we were able to award them with $100,000 in scholarships. new york women in communications is the biggest organization awarding scholarships to communications students in the tristate area . so we are just so excited to be honoring them today.

>> you get so many applicants. how do you narrow it down to these special 18?

>> it is so hard. we put them through a grueling process. it's an application, an essay, recommendations, a grueling interview. so they really are the cream of the crop .

>> emily, you're a freshman. you started "we stop hate." tell us about that.

>> sure. we stop hate produces anti-bullying videos on youtube at lady gaga has made a video for us. but it has been a dream come true experience. we spent the night at the waldorf and today we have an amazing day planned. so it's such a good sisterhood to be a part of.

>> well, enjoy the ceremony and do great things, all right?