TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Pierce Brosnan: New movie is ‘like a warm embrace’

Actor Piece Brosnan talks about his role in the new Danish romantic comedy “Love Is All You Need,” saying he had “the time of my life” making the film. He also reveals how he feels about turning 60.

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>>> we're back now, 8:44, with golden globe nominated actor pierce brosnan . the new "love is all you need", he plays a widower. but life takes a turn when he meets the mom of his son's fiance. always nice to see you.

>> good morning.

>> you said in an interview that this is an extension of the european phase of your career.

>> well, it could be seen as that. it is a danish film. it's a danish film maker. she wrote it with me in mind. i had the time of my life making this film. it's like a warm embrace, this movie.

>> we just looked at a little clip. and the first thing people are going to notice is there are subtitles. you mention it's a danish film. about half the dialogue in this is danish. and --

>> and the rest is me.

>> yeah, you don't speak danish. were you at all apprehensive about jumping into this?

>> well, the script came to me via my agent. he said suzanne vail wants you for this film. it's called "love is all you need." i did say to suzanne when it, look, how am i going to fit into this movie? an irish with all of these wonderful players. she said don't worry about it, i'll take care of you, and she did.

>> the other thing i thought about having known you for a pretty long while is when you looked at the script and realized you were being asked to play a guy who had lost his wife, did you think forward and say now wait a minute, i'm going to do this, it's a great story, but when i go out to promote this movie, i'm inevitably going to get the questions about life imitating art , or art imitating life.

>> i have no problems with that. i had no problems when i read the script. i realized that, you know, there were similar connections, emblems to my own life, this man that i play phillip has lost a wife. i lost a wife to cancer. and still dealing with it within my own family here. so i let myself do the project because i thought i could bring something to it. which had a humanity, a sincerity. and also the film has got lots of laughs.

>> and you said it, it's being billed as a romantic comedy . i got to see it. and i thought, it is, it's got a lot of laughs. but it's a grown up movie. it's more nuanced than a lot of romantic comedies that come out these days, i thought.

>> you're absolutely right. i think that goes back to suzanne who directed it and her story telling . when you look at her films, they're very nuanced, they have a complexity and richness, which you don't get in america. that's a whole other story.

>> recently you said i've been very lucky and very grateful to stay at the table for as long as i have. i seem to have employment, some hairline, and some small piece of talent in the back pocket that i can polish. i read that and my first thought was does he have to brag about the hairline? is that really necessary?

>> it's a glorious day outside, matt.

>> you just want to rub it in.

>> you wear it well.

>> well, thank you. why have you managed to stay at the table, do you think? other than what you said in that statement?

>> because i love what i do, and i have a bit of luck. i'm still driven. i turn 60 here next month, and i'm very much aware of my time and life , and just have nothing but gratitude, humble gratitude for being an actor. it's a very capricious game.

>> how are you feeling about 60?

>> good.

>> i think a lot of guys say 50 is no problem. 60 is a little bit dicier.

>> some days, it rattles and shakes in there psychically, but ultimately, i feel nothing but a great gift of life . there's nothing to prove. i feel comfortable in my own skin, and i love what i do. i have a great wife. and my children.

>> do you feel that way about acting and the roles you take, after so many years of taking on blockbusters where the role was larger than life? do you like this? are you comfortable enough where you'll make a career from now on on smaller roles?

>> well, i have no idea. i mean, i have dreams and aspirations of what i want to do.

>> which would be?

>> i'm going to do an action movie i'm producing called "november men." that's back in the spy genre. i start next month in belgrade. so i think the stage is big enough for another guy to come on the stage as a spy, so to speak. so there's only so long you can do those kind of movies. so one has to be aware of your place and time. body and mind. so you use that. you kind of address it according to -- accordingly.

>> if this is what 60 looks like, you wear it well.

>> good to see you.

>> "love is all you need" opens in select theaters on