TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Shakira: ‘Voice’ eliminations are ‘bittersweet’

TODAY’s Al Roker sits down with “The Voice” judges Shakira, Usher, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine as they talk about the tough battles and elimination rounds, their onscreen chemistry, and the “kinship” between Blake and Adam.

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>>> angeles and got to spend some time on the set of "the voice," one of my favorite shows and i'm not paid to say that.

>> i got to sit down with coaches adam levine , blake shelton , shakira , and usher following a day long of battles and eliminations.

>> how tough is that? you've got these teams that you put together, and you know one of them is not coming out. that's got to be difficult.

>> it's kind of bittersweet. yeah, because in a way, you have to -- you have the opportunity to watch the results of all the hard work and to see how much progress your artists have made.

>> or not made.

>> yeah, exactly. but at the same time, you have to let one of them go, and it's sad. sometimes, the guilt is overwhelming, you know? last night, for example, i couldn't sleep very well. i had one of my artists in my mind all night because i had to let him go.

>> so it affects you?

>> yeah, it affected me.

>> and then blake cracks some joke about you ruin their life and then you feel ten times worse.

>> you've got to talk about it. it's out there.

>> he's a pretty bad person.

>> what's going on between you two? what's the deal here?

>> me and shakira ? i'm glad that you asked. oh, me and adam .

>> you and adam .

>> adam 's really stupid. for putting you two against each other. i think we have a kinship because we're very immature. and neither one of us really have any pride. one thing i can tell you is you got to be free come together right now over me

>> how difficult is it for the two of you, shakira and usher, coming into this. these two have already been doing this and now you've got to slide in. how hard is that?

>> it's been easy to slide in, you know? our getting acclimated comes as a result of just doing what we love, and they make it really a pleasure, because there's such friendly banter between the two of them that we just find our way into it. we latch on to where they are or start our own conversation, but it's a free form , a great dialogue, and honestly, watching the show, i feel like it's organic. i feel like it's just natural. almost like a conversation at times.

>> undeniable chemistry here.

>> i just hate to see somebody as talented and beautiful as her end up as an experiment on two different coaches who have never even been on this show before. they don't know what they're doing.

>> oh, snap.

>> what's funny? this is a battle. you got to take this serious, man.

>> you're not just coaches. in a sense, you're being life coaches.

>> sometimes i do feel a little bit like tony robins or something. you can do it.

>> but figuring out what you're good at.

>> it applies to life in a big way.

>> you just had a little boy . and you had him here. does that change the dynamic for you when you have your little guy here?

>> yeah, of course. being a mother is deliciously overwhelming. it's surreal. it's a whole new experience to me. i'm discovering it second by second. and having him here, it's great, it's a new thing, it's another part of me and my loved one. he's accompanying me, so i don't feel alone.

>> gorgeous little baby, too.

>> oh, thank you.

>> how gratifying is it that you guys have all come together and you are now the number one singing competition show.

>> the number one?

>> the number one singing competition show in the land.

>> number one?

>> that's right! you hear that other singing competition shows? whatever.

>> "idol."

>> you know who are, other ones that i'm not going to say.

>> okay, so show of hands . whose team wins this year?

>> sorry? sorry? i missed that.

>> no, it's too late, shakira . too late. over me

>> i think that's what really sets them apart. they really have this camaraderie and they put the emphasis on the singers, not on them. it's really kind of caught fire.

>> the mentoring, too.

>> but they're very competitive. you can catch "the voice" tomorrow on nbc.