TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Ryan Lochte: ‘I’m not your average Olympian’

The Olympic gold medalist talks about the premiere of his new reality show, “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” saying he likes to “go out and have a good time” in addition to training. He also reveals how he feels about having cameras being around constantly.

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>>> meanwhile, we have grown by one on the couch. let's bring in ryan lochte . his new reality tv show "what would ryan lochte do" premiered last night. i remember talking to you about this. you wanted to get people to think about competitive swimming, high level swimming in times other than just the olympics. we're all a little guilty of that. but you also want people to know more about you. what do you want them to learn?

>> just that i'm not your average olympian.

>> i think we knew that.

>> you know, you think they eat, they train, they sleep. that's it. for me, that is not the case at all. i like doing other stuff. i like having a good time. i like doing stuff that i can probably get myself hurt, like playing basketball, skateboarding, surfing, you name it, i'm doing it.

>> you're used to having cameras around as a world famous olympian, but this is really having cameras around. is that a little hard to get used to?

>> oh, it was. the first couple days, i mean, i was waking up brushing my teeth and the camera was right there. i was going downstairs to eat breakfast before swim practice, the camera was there.

>> you should see the toothbrush mounted camera. disgusting.

>> the camera is there 24/7. and i wasn't used to that.

>> did you have second thoughts?

>> no, not at all. because this is something that i wanted to do. i mean, i had a blast doing it. the best thing about this show was i got really close with my family. i mean, i was seeing them probably once or twice every three months. this show, i saw them like once or twice every week. and it just brought us a lot closer together.

>> there is something of a catch phrase on the show. it's sort of the ryan lochte language. it's shjyeah.

>> should we say it?

>> it's just another way of saying yeah.

>> did you enjoy the show?

>> i love it.

>> and you also say you spend a lot of time watching the kardashians.