TODAY   |  April 22, 2013

Jenna Bush Hager: My water broke at my shower

The new mom to baby girl Margaret Laura “Mila” Hager talks about how it feels to be a parent, saying she’s learned “you can love somebody in a totally different way” and revealing that her water broke at her baby shower in front of all her friends.

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>>> back now at 10:50 with new mom jenna bush hager . she and her husband henry welcomed margaret laura hager, or mila as we like to call her. he's laughing because it said margaret lauer.

>> that's a whole other story!

>> you know, i'm leaving.

>> i paused over it.

>> i saw it, i said please don't say that.

>> this started as a very nice segment.

>> margaret laura hager, better known as mila. jenna is on the phone. good morning.

>> hi.

>> this is what you're missing.

>> is this what she has to look forward to? this is what happens when you name your daughter three names.

>> so you're nine days in to motherhood. what have you learned?

>> not much, but a lot. i mean, i've learned that you can love somebody in a totally different way. i'm close to crying, of course, you know me. i'm totally crazy about her and i don't even really like the color pink and there's pink all over my apartment. i like things to be really neat and there's bottles and things all over. and we're just happy as can be.

>> oftentimes when we speak to a brand-new mom, we neglect the brand-new dad. how is henry doing?

>> he's doing great. he's a really modern dad. he was taking a conference call while holding the baby yesterday. but we're just having so much fun. he read the first book to her that don nash gave us. i cried.

>> well, those hormones kick in.

>> good ready for "good night moon" about 100 times .

>> put it to song, jenna .

>> exactly.

>> my favorite thing you said, jenna , is that although the baby came three weeks early, you were having a baby shower that day and the good news was you had had your hair blown out, so you looked fabulous.

>> i was having a baby shower that day, and i felt the baby move and everybody was staring at me and it's one of those baby showers where you open gifts. i kind of started sweating, which is a normal thing. but then all of a sudden in front of all of my friends, my