TODAY   |  April 21, 2013

In wake of bombing, sports fans go ‘Boston Strong’

In the week since the Boston Marathon bombing, a new phrase, “Boston Strong,” has sprung up around the country as sports fans put aside their rivalries and reach out to a city in pain. NBC’s Luke Russert reports.

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>> reporter: boston is often called america's best sports town. on this most harrowing of weeks, the entire nation rallied around this city, helping residents here regain that inherent sense of strength.

>> thanks for coming to the ball game , folks.

>> reporter: on stickers. on highways. on signs. for the world to see.

>> this is what america is all about. we believe in each other and we care for each other. and boston strong is symbolic of that, whether we're from south carolina or massachusetts.

>> reporter: or chicago. or arizona. or, yes, even new york. where yankee fans did the unthinkable, singing a fenway favorite in support of boston sweet caroline

>> i think it's been viewed as an extraordinary generous gesture. i think it's put a whole new light on the relationship between cities.

>> reporter: after a week of national support, saturday at fenway park it was time for boston to come together and begin the healing process . honoring the fallen. celebrating the heroic. and speaking their minds.

>> this is our city. and nobody going to dictate our freedom. stay strong. thank you.

>> take the punch. you stagger. you're angry but you get up and you continue because that's what you have to do.

>> reporter: proving to sports fans across the country that being boston strong feels so good. sweet caroline good times never seemed so good so good so good

>> you heard a little colorful language there from red sox slugger david ortiz . the fcc went up with this tweet saying, quote, david ortiz spoke from the heart at today's red sox game. i stand with big papi and the people of boston . that's from the chairman of the fcc. no fine ghog david ortiz or any of the networks that broadcast that game. you don't get any ideas. it was just a special exception for david ortiz .

>> i think you are right. that was an exception. but the love from boston definitely was not. luke, thanks.