TODAY   |  April 20, 2013

Watertown resident: We knew we had to hide

“I had never heard shooting before except on TV or the movies,” said Watertown, Mass., resident Mary Sullivan, who saw the apprehension of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Watertown residents Andrew Kitzenberg and Mary Sullivan.

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>> 24 hours in many cases trapped inside their homes watching this drama unfold around them. two of the people who went through that, andrew. good to have you here this morning. you have quite the tale to tell. andrew, we'll start with you. you were giving us a play by play of what you saw. you saw this unfold on thursday night. tell us what happened.

>> the shooting happened outside of my home. i initially heard gunshots around 12:45 a.m . and for watertown it's startling because it's a quiet town and i heard the gunfire. i went to the window and saw shootings outside of my apartment.

>> you saw the suspects outside your apartment?

>> two shooters taking cover firing upon watertown police officers . that's when i started to actually take pictures and live tweet the event.

>> you actually at one point there are bullet holes in your wall. you said you were seeing them and you were tweeting and giving play by play , did you see the suspect in custody, did you see him flee?

>> i did. after a lot of gunfire and use of explosion i saw one of the shooters get back into his vehicle. he turned around on our street and just floored it right into the watertown police officer vehicles.

>> that's probably the first moment you took a breath.

>> barely. small breath.

>> and then if we fast forward to last night, mary, you were under this shelter in place. we heard the governor lift that order. we saw a lot of folks in watertown start to come out as you did. take the dog for a walk. and that moment of calm changed quickly for you.

>> right. my son, daughter and my son's girlfriend and the dog and i decided to go out and we were stopped and it was very calm. we were headed over to go to franklin street which is where i walk my dog. as we were coming down, we heard all of these shots being fired and we hid behind a car and we just put the phone and tried to hold it up. it just happened so quickly and so quietly. we didn't notice anything out of turn happening and it's as if they were very slowly coming in and then we knew right then and there that it must have been the second suspect so we stayed where we were and then we slowly inched our way into get more video and see what was going on.

>> were you fearful at all?

>> i think i had never heard of shooting before except on television or in the movies so when you hear it, it sounded like firecrackers but we knew right away that we had to hide behind a car and we did. it was about a half block we could see down the street and the police officers were also escorting a few children and their mom i think coming out from the street and then we waited for a little while and by then cameramen started coming in and then more shooting began.

>> incredible tales from both of you as we fast forward to later in the night once we knew the suspect was in custody, you were both out there. what made you go outside or stay outside?

>> we stayed outside. i live on the main street . it was just to be thankful to the watertown police and to all of the presence of the state police and the fbi and everyone who was here. they were wonderful.

>> we were basically confined to our homes all day long. for me it was nice to actually finally get out and have freedom and go see friends and enjoy ourselves.

>> feel safe again. good to have both of you with us. we're glad you're both safe during everything that happened. appreciate you sharing your stories.