TODAY   |  April 19, 2013

Police question uncle of bombing suspects in Md.

Authorities are at the home of the Boston bombing suspects’ uncle in Montgomery Village, Md., reportedly questioning him to find out what he knows of his nephews’ recent actions.

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>>> we continue to follow breaking news out of boston where police are trying to apprehend a suspect in the boston marathon attacks. his brother, another suspect in the attacks, was killed this morning in a shootout with police. both of these suspects have an uncle who lives in maryland and we want to turn to pat collins , a reporter with our nbc station in the washington area which encompasses this area. good morning to you. what can you tell us about this uncle and what he said about his nephews?

>> reporter: savannah, i'm in montgomery village . it's a bedroom community in montgomery county , a suburb of washington. on that cul-de-sac behind me is the home where the uncle of the two boston suspects live. earlier this morning police and fbi agents went into that house to talk to him to see what he knows. they've been in there now for well over an hour. they've closed off this street here. they say they want to keep us a safe distance away. neighbors say they were surprised by all of this. this man has lived in the house with his family for five to seven years. he has some young children. they say he's a good neighbor. they were surprised by all of this police activity and right now it's unclear as to what police expect to get from him. i think they want to talk to him about what he last talked to his nephews, what he knows about his nephews, where they might be going, where they might be staying. they've been in here a long time. the street is blocked off. the investigation here continues on. savannah?

>> pat collins from our nbc station in the washington area outside of the home of the uncle of the two brothers suspected in this boston marathon attack. this is a fast moving story. many developments.