TODAY   |  April 19, 2013

Acquaintance: ‘People just loved’ bombing suspect

Robin Young, whose nephew was friends with bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, talks about her shock at recent developments in the case. She says that “no one can believe” what the suspect, still at large, is accused of.

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>>> let's get to robin young . her nephew was friends with the suspect here. she's met him and is with us by the phone. good morning. tell us your experience with him and what you know about him.

>> this has been quite shocking. i have to tell you i may have to hang up. i'm a working journalist and used to be a correspondent on your show. we realize now -- the funny thing is no one recognized dzhokar from the pictures yesterday. today with new pictures that came out after the 7-eleven robby earlier this morning and this is live wall to wall coverage since 11:00 last night here in boston, when the 7-eleven pictures came out, people realized it was him. i can't tell you enough about what a beautiful young man this was. my nephew was a dear friend of his. he was on the wrestling team. athlete of the year. cambridge city scholarship. people just loved him. we had a prom party a couple years ago. their prom in the backyard. dozens of kids. he was beautiful in his tuxedo and his bowtie with his girlfriend. they got on a trolley. recently my nephew and he were texting each other about going to a super bowl game. no one can believe. i know you know. you hear it all the time. no one can believe that it's this young man.

>> we cover a lot of these events and you are a working journalist. a lot of times you hear about a suspect after the fact the person was quiet or withdrawn and a brooding person.

>> it breaks my heart. we know these kids. by the way, this public high school one of the most diverse. they were proud of their diversity. 45 different languages in their one school. they are so proud of the high school because of the diversity and different kids there and as my nephew said, nobody would have thought twice about a kid whose family came from chechnya. probably more than one.

>> let me ask you, do you know anything about their parents? did he live at home?

>> i will say because i've been hearing about how he was to have come to this country recently. he's been here since they were much younger kids. perhaps the brother, older suspect now who has been killed, the 26 year old, perhaps he traveled back and forth but this young man went through the school system here. is just loved. a light, airy, beautiful curly haired kid.

>> i hate to ask you again. you are not familiar with who he lived with and what his living arrangements were?

>> no. you would see him at parties. i did not go to their home, no.

>> robin young , you are learning this as we are this morning. it is quite surprising. i'm sure for someone like you who knew him a bit shocking.

>> shocking. we're going through prom pictures. it's very, very tough for these kids. my heart breaks for them. these are terrific kids who are in a hard working neighborhood. very diverse. and it's just such a blow to hem them.

>> our hearts are to everyone in boston. take care. appreciate your time on a busy