TODAY   |  April 19, 2013

Midwest experiences record flooding

NBC’s John Yang reports from outside Chicago, where the rain has stopped but rivers are still rising and expected to crest later today, causing record floods and sinkholes that have swallowed cars.

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>> the rain has stopped in the upper midwest , we're seeing flooding going on and john yang right now is in hard hit chicago area . john, i got to tell you, you are in des plaines right now and i know the river has been rising. are you still seeing evidence of that?

>> reporter: absolutely, al. the rain has stopped but the water still rising . rivers expected to crest later today. crest this morning. record flooding in this area. the rivers are still rising and all of this water as much as 7 inches. rain in 24 hours . it came down faster than it could be carried away. all of this water has got to go somewhere. it's headed toward the mississippi river and forecasters are predicting major flooding along the mississippi river next week. al?

>> john yang , thank you so