TODAY   |  April 19, 2013

Watertown residents woke to bullet hole in home

Adam Andrew and Megan Marrer are currently under lockdown in their home in Watertown, Mass., where police engaged in a shootout with the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing last night. They found a bullet hole in their living room wall and were visited by police.

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>> andrew and megan in watertown joining us by skype. tell me what you experienced last night. adam, as i understand it, you woke up to the sound of sirens.

>> we heard sirens around 12:45 . i didn't really much of it. it turns out we got an alert about an hour and a half later telling us that we needed to shelter indoor.

>> megan , as i understand it, you walked out and found what in your living room ?

>> we found a hole in the living room wall and a bullet on the floor that clearly had been from the crossfire of the firefight on the street earlier.

>> give me a sense of the geography. how close are you do you believe where the shootout with police took place?

>> it's at the end of our block really president.

>> less than a block away.

>> what do you see this morning?

>> there are a ton of police. fbi.

>> heavy armed guards. heavy military police . bomb squad , fbi, s.w.a.t. teams, all with heavy assault rifles.

>> have any law enforcement come to your home?

>> yeah. we've had a couple police officers come, ask us what we saw. they took a look at the hole in the wall and the bullet.

>> they took our i.d.s and told us to lock the doors and stay inside until we're given the all clear.

>> adam and megan , we're so happy to hear that you're okay. you must be terrified this morning.

>> it's been a long morning.

>> we've been up since 2:30. it's a little unnerving. the heavy police presence has calmed me down a little bit.

>> thank you for telling us your experience this morning. it's good to see you on skype. take care. we'll continue to monitor the situation. al