TODAY   |  April 19, 2013

Boston locked down: All residents to ‘shelter in place’

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and other officials announce that the lockdown of the Watertown neighborhood of Boston has been extended to the entire city. They thank residents for spreading the word in their neighborhoods and staying indoors during the manhunt for the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

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>> we'll join massachusetts governor deval patrick 's news conference in progress.

>> good morning, everybody. a couple points that i want to make and then i'm going to ask commissioner davis from boston and colonel alvin from state police to make a statement. we're not going to take questions this morning. we've had a very rapidly developing situation in the course of the night. i've been briefed throughout the night. i think you know the basics that suspect one is dead and suspect two is on the run. we have an officer seriously wounded in surgery right now. we have an m.i.t. security officer who has been been killed. there is a massive manhunt under way. a lot of law enforcement involved in that. to assist that we have suspended all service on mvta, our public transit service and that will continue until we think it's safe to open all or some of that. we're asking people to shelter in place. in other words to stay indoors with their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer and that applies here in watertown , where we are right now, also cambridge, newton, belmont and at this point all of boston . all of boston . this is a serious situation. we're taking it seriously. we're asking the public to take it seriously as well and to assist law enforcement by following those simple instructions. we have every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job and working in concert with each other. we are going to need the public to help us help them stay safe. where are you, commissioner?

>> right behind you, governor. thank you, governor. this is a rapidly developing situation. within the last half hour we received information that i have communicated to mayor menino and he asked me to come here and to tell you the shelter in place recommendation has been extended throughout the city of boston . there's a lot of information coming in. we're working very closely with federal authorities in washington. we are examining all data bases . all potential leads and there are officers that are moving around the city right now. please be patient with us. work with us. if you see anything suspicious, let us know. we are trying to make this safe as quickly as possible. this is ongoing situation. i want to stress this. this is an ongoing situation.

>> colonel timothy allen . i want to start by saying thank you to each and every one of you. you have got the message out to the neighborhood. i have to ask you to continue to do that. our number one priority is with these neighborhoods in watertown and making them safe and finding this individual. that's what we're committed to. we need more time. we're making significant progress up there. it may take hours to do this. please bear with us. i know there are a lot of questions and we'll have plenty of time to address those after this. for right now, this is about public safety . this is about watertown neighborhoods. please give us that leeway. we'll be back shortly. thank you.