TODAY   |  April 19, 2013

Security analyst: Bombing suspect is ‘ongoing threat’

Michael Leiter, an NBC counterterrorism and security analyst, says the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects had a “meticulous” plan of attack, and calling their reported connections to Chechnya “very concerning to a lot of people.”

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>> your impressions now that we're starting to get more of a picture of these two suspects.

>> first of all, as i think we've all been trying to stress, so much of this information is preliminary. what we're starting to see is a pretty well planned meticulous ongoing threat and shutting down of these whole localities unprecedented since 9/11. the connections to chechnya will be concerned to a lot of people. the level of violence between separatist and russia is well known for the past several years. these are exactly the things that the fbi and people will dig through to try to build a really full profile of one dead perpetrator and the other suspect.

>> it appears according to pete williams reporting that these are two men who had some kind of overseas military training and we've been remarking upon how they appear in this video to the extent you can tell anything by surveillance video but to put it lightly they were two cool customers.

>> well, they are. and i think it's fair to say the cooler they are, the more careful the fbi and boston police are going to go about this. that's why you see massive swaths of boston community getting shut down. having lived there for four years, the thought of these communities with no public transit and the universities, this gives you a window into how seriously officials are taking this. they are absolutely assuming there are more improvised explosive devices out there and they have to be incredibly careful now.