TODAY   |  April 19, 2013

Former FBI agent: ‘These guys had a plan’

Don Borelli, a former special agent for the FBI, talks about what is known of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing so far, saying “we can’t jump to conclusions yet” but “will be relying on our foreign intelligence partners.”

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>> you to play you a piece of videotape as it unfolded in the middle of the night . it's not what you can see, but what you can hear. take a

>> that was the scene from earlier this morning. as you hear witnesses reported several minutes of gunfire. you also hear the sound of explosives. i want to bring in don, a former special agent with the fbi specifically the joint terrorism task force . now a security consultant. let's restart. we've been together all morning. when you looked at the surveillance video, when you hear what pete williams is reporting about their backgrounds, what leaps to mind? what do you think we can ascertain from those facts?

>> these guys had a plan. when i saw the video, seemed like they knew what they were doing. they were moving with a purpose. they were calm. it eerily reminded me of the mumbai attacks . you can't tell too much from the brief videotape that we saw that was released to the public but it appeared they were calm and moving with a purpose.

>> we now have a name and putting together a bit of a background. at least one of them was a legal permanent resident who had a massachusetts driver's license. there is a long and sad history of strife in chechnya and acts of terrorism.

>> you have to look at that original of terrorism. this is where we can't jump to conclusions yet. we're going to be relying on our foreign intelligence partners in russia and turkey because it was believed these men lived in turkey. we want to find out do they come from a lineage of terrorists. do they have military training. we'll try to learn as much as possible from our foreign partners.

>> we want to be transparent about what we know and don't know this morning. when people hear of it being a foreign terrorist, they obviously start thinking of terrorist groups such as al qaeda . we don't know whether or not this is an act of two people who were ordered by some centralized organization to do this or whether or not these are two men who decided to come here on their own perhaps inspired by the ideology and decided to try to do as much damage as possible. do you see any facts as we know them that cut in either direction?

>> right now i wouldn't weigh either side. it could be that these guys were brothers and they were living together and they could have concocted this plan on their own without any direction from any overseas group or conversely they could have had some kind of a direction from overseas. they could have been planted living here for a year, plotting this out and given an order to do this at a special event like the marathon. we just don't know yet. the investigation will determine that down the road.