TODAY   |  April 18, 2013

Woman after makeover: ‘Is it me?!’

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin surprise two women with makeovers, one of whom was so shocked with her new look that she questioned who was really in the mirror.

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>>> name.

>>> welcome back to "today" on this thirst-day thursday, time for our ambush plaza makeovers.

>> working their hair, wardrobe and makeup magic, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- louis liccari la la la la la

>> and "today" contributing editor and "people "style watch.

>> we had so many people to pick from, it was a snap.

>> they were from all over the world, weren't they?

>> literally all over the world?

>> why don't we start off with lotta, visiting from denmark. and she said her husband usually cuts her hair in the garden.

>> i love that.

>> so she wanted a glam new look.

>> let's listen to her story.

>> well this is a big surprise. because you've never even heard of this, but you want it for your mom. tell me why.

>> she never do anything with her hair and she never try on makeup. so i really want this chance for her. this is so incredible.

>> you've never used makeup?

>> no, never.

>> and i heard you actually cut her hair?

>> yeah i will pull together and cut it off.

>> put it in a pony tail and cut it off?

>> i think we might do something a little different.

>> are you ready for all of this?

>> yeah!

>> it's exciting.

>> there's potential for change.

>> i like it. bent is the husband with the shears in the back. donna and tinka. let's take one last look at lotta before and now here she is --

>> wow.

>> okay, you guys, ready?

>> drop your blindfolds.

>> wow, oh my gosh.

>> are you ready?

>> turn and look right here.

>> wow!

>> it's me?

>> turn around and look over there. whoa! wow, which is an optical illusion .

>> look at bent. bent he's beat red.

>> is it a 10?

>> yes, i just lightened her hair a little bit. which showed off her true personality. as the makeover went on, this woman popped out.

>> bent, what do you think?

>> i don't know, it's beautiful, very beautiful.

>> wow.

>> that dress is perfect.

>> first time -- from london times , first time wearing a dress, first time in heels. you're doing a great job.

>> a big round of applause for lotta.

>> and now 58 from north dakota , her daughter is getting married this weekend. so she was thrilled at the chance to update herself for the big event. let's listen to her story, wow.

>> well, dena is going to flip out.

>> yes, she is.

>> gina's wedding is this weekend, your older sister, what do you think of all this for mom?

>> it's great, she totally deserves it and dena is going to love it.

>> you're going to have a whole new look in front of all your family and friends what are you looking for for the big weekend ?

>> my two girls are beautiful. so i'm hoping to have a little glam re-do, so i can have a wonderful weekend with my girls.

>> mother of the bride, we're going to glam you up.

>> thank you very much, this will be just great, thank you.

>> and sonia is here with the sister of the bride as well. let's take one last look at sonia before and let's see the brand new, ready for the wedding sonia .

>> oh, my gosh.

>> wow.

>> you couldn't wait. why don't you turn and and see what you're looking at.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> that's beautiful.

>> beautiful. just gorgeous, gorgeous.

>> all right, louis.

>> mother of the bride, you look so gorgeous.

>> right there.

>> right in the camera.

>> her hair color was a little bit, too many stresses, the hair color looks a little more natural, i softened it up. we did a great, refined bob, she's incredibly chic and then of course to be glamorous for everybody, why not go with the makeup. glamour.

>> what are you thinking?

>> she looks glamorous.

>> she looks pretty.

>> what does your sister think of her?

>> she's going to love it.

>> jill, is she going to wear that to the wedding?

>> the rehearsal dinner.

>> the peplum with the lace over from london times . and the jewelry.

>> awesome.

>> we have another little makeover today that we have, it's five years in the waiting for me, i don't know how long for you.

>> this is jimmy has had long hair for 37 years since he got out of the navy he never cut his hair, we begged him.

>> he's a mountain man, we love him.

>> he went to see arsen for a trim. for a trim. and look what he did.

>> jimmy!

>> oh, my gosh.

>> let's -- oh my gosh!

>> how do you feel about it?

>> i feel all right. is goes a little better with my wardrobe.

>> your friends are shocked.

>> are you going to grow it out again or keep it short?

>> i'm probably too old to grow it out any more.

>> never too old.

>> yeah.

>> jimmy, have we ever told you how much we love you?

>> yes.

>> one of the nicest people ever put on the planet. a cameraman here.

>> he's among the greatest.