TODAY   |  April 18, 2013

4 meals you can make in less than 40 minutes

Registered dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth from Cooking Light shows how you can whip up cod, grilled chicken, vegetable pizza and hamburger steak in under 40 minutes for a meal that’s tasty and healthy.

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>>> in today's kitchen, what's cooking? meals in minutes. looking for fast, healthy dinners your kids will like.

>> registered dietician francis roth has new ideas, a contributor to "cooking light" magazine.

>> it looks delicious.

>> this is panko-crusted cod, we're going to put a little tomato and basil relish on top.

>> what did you encrust that in?

>> panko, japanese bread crumbs , they get a little bit crunchier than regular bread crumbs .

>> and that's what the tomato little bit you put on top?

>> basically what you see, vidalia onions, grape tomatoes and basil. so it gives the little hint, flavor of summer before summer is here.

>> that's 254 calories.

>> 40 meals in 40 minutes issue.

>> should we have chicken?

>> yes.

>> you know what, i'm going to direct you over here, that's the chorizo confetti that goes on top of the pan- grilled chicken . chorizo is a pork sausage . we went for uncured, because of less sodium. your kids are going to love all of these.

>> i'm going to wait for the next one.

>> it's a voting issue.

>> okay. this is the spring vegetable pizza. with gremolata on top.

>> it's a little garnish. parsley and lemon rind and garlic. and --

>> it kind of plump it is up.

>> and asparagus, peas, fennel.

>> you take the dough and then, do you put cheese on it or how do you do it?

>> it is a mixture of pecorina, skim milk and ricotta. we've rolled it really fin it gives you fewer calories and makes it crunchier.

>> when do you add the veggies. you bake it for five minutes with the cheese, take it out. add the veggies, bake it for five more minutes at 500 degrees.

>> very good.

>> this is hamburger steak . have you ever had that?

>> i grew up on this.

>> the difference is that you serve it like a steak as opposed to serving it like a burger. we used ground sirloin.

>> what kind of steak?

>> salisbury steak .

>> this is obviously a family favorite and so fast, only six ingredients. delicious. we're serving it with our grapefruit walnut and feta salad which can go with any of these, and it would still be under 40 minutes.

>> that's delicious.

>> what's the seasoning in that?

>> that's the flavor from the vidalia onion . you cook it with flour so it gets thick like a gravy. half the sodium of a regular gravy.

>> all recipes are on our website.