TODAY   |  April 18, 2013

Real estate quiz: How much is that house worth?

TODAY real estate contributor Barbara Corcoran quizzes the TODAY anchors on houses around the country, asking them to guess if they are worth over $400,000 or under.

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>>> this morning on "today's" real estate , a little price is right home edition . barbara corker is here to show us homes from across the country either over $400,000 or under. the three of us have to guess which it is. you can play along at home. barbara , good morning. look at the expensive props we have.

>> good morning.

>> higher or lower.

>> and we're competitive. let's go.

>> ready for that test. here it comes. this one's in memphis, tennessee. it's four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 3,400 square feet .

>> okay.

>> it is a brick house in the germantown section of memphis. i love the driveway on this. the interior has hardwood floors, built-in bookcases and palladium windows, and outback portion, what's wrong with that room? out back there's a huge sparkling pool that's included. is it over or is it under $400,000.

>> i'm going to go higher. germantown's a good neighborhood.

>> oh, you're dead wrong.

>> see.

>> it's $389,000.

>> wow.

>> spoke with authority even though i was wrong.

>> next house, seattle, washington, it also has four bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. it's 42 --

>> seattle.

>> you said 4,200 square feet , right?

>> yeah.

>> let's look at the house.

>> let's look at it.

>> calm down. listen up. it's a 1904 bungalow, has hardwood floors in the living room , original windows still in place, large fireplace. i like the kitchen and fully updated with a six furnace stove and custom cabinets. is it over or under $400,000? too easy.

>> how much is it?

>> oh, i forgot to tell you the price, $999,000.

>> that's just a little bit over.

>> $ 1 million .

>> that's quite a lot.

>> this one's in dallas, texas, four bedrooms, three baths, 3,300 square feet . it's a traditional home on a beautiful landscaped lot. the large living room has gleaming and i mean gleaming wood floors and a full wall of windows overlooking the covered patio. and there's a resort-style pool area that includes extensive decking and its own gazebo. is it over or under?

>> come on, willie.

>> you're all wrong, it's $375,000.

>> i was right. that was going down. that's the way that works.

>> keep the arrows on your laps. you don't want to be giving these things away. calm down.

>> massachusetts, four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, this is a pretty yellow home, popular color just down the street from pleasant bay with a populous sandy beach and boat access.

>> cozy living room , hardwood floors and an exposed brick fireplace and a kitchen with granite counters and big center isle. is it under or over? you're all right again.

>> okay.

>> $815,000.

>> we know our real estate .

>> i've been doing this segment with you for too long. there's no way i wouldn't know this stuff.

>> i'm going to fool you next time, al.

>> we like that, though.

>> he was told to keep his arrow in his lap. isn't that right, al?

>> i don't know what to say about that one.

>> barbara ?