TODAY   |  April 18, 2013

How to find the best sunglasses to fit your style

Whether you embrace a glam look like Nicole Richie, or your style is more classic, like Eva Mendes, TODAY’s Jill Martin has the perfect sunglasses for you.

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>>> show me what you got, jill . on " jill 's must haves," sunglasses for every taste and face. jill martin is here with lots of options to help you pick summer's hottest accessory. jill , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> and it is the accessory. it's going to be like jewelry. before we talk about how to choose, let's talk about face shape. because it used to be a lot of people would say if i have an oval face, square face, round face, there are certain types that fit.

>> well, obviously that holds true. if you have a round face, you want to pick something more square, more rectangle. and if you have a square face, you want something more round. you also want to pick on personality. you should have fun with sunglasses, like jewelry, accessory, like a clutch. four different trends coming in to summer and you can pick what you like.

>> these are not expensive and you say, actually, you should have more, right?

>> you should have more. have fun with it. starting at $35 and up. there's something for everybody. cheers to summer, to sun.

>> all right.

>> let's start with the classic look. we've got classic sunglasses right here.

>> okay.

>> about as classic, everything from the tortoise shell to the shapes are very, you know, audrey hepburn like.

>> you said tortoise shell , cat eyes.

>> a subtle cat eye here.

>> the green emerald, which is the color of the season, that's a way to dip into the classic shades. these are for work, your everyday glasses. what you're wearing out and if you're going to get one pair, you don't have one pair, i would go with classic. that sits in your bag.

>> always have them. good for any occasion. next, trendy sunglasses. you have to be a bold person to wear trendy too, right?

>> i think we have jessica alba wearing her trendy glasses.

>> i don't love these on you, but if you look at the detail here. here's jessica alba .

>> playful statement, color blocking, that's huge in fashion. you see a lot of the color blocking, quirky details, geometric frames. this is another way to make your outfit pop. instead of wearing chandelier earrings or a great clutch, maybe you go with these sunglasses if you want to impress. do not use a mirror that's sort of close up if you're in a bathroom. use a full-length mirror so it's part of your outfit to see if it really works. this sort of trendy frame --

>> makes a statement.

>> and you could go over the top if you don't do it right.

>> right. next, glam sunglasses. now here also we're seeing a lot of embellishments to the sunglasses.

>> here's for you.

>> very embellished.

>> cat eye.

>> right. and nicole ritchie , we have a picture of her wearing them. and these are obviously -- she has a little face but wears these bigger frames. it's drama.

>> you can do that if that's what you're going for.

>> that goes against that face shape we used to --

>> i would never pick something like that for me or something like this. it's very big and square.

>> that is very big and square for you.

>> that's too big, but you sort of see --

>> i'm like a bug.

>> see these oversized frames, sparkling studs, embellishments, if you're going to a night affair, but if you're going to sort of a dressier affair that's sort of at dusk, i love this.

>> you don't wear your sunglasses at night ?

>> i wish i had the kind of life where i wear my sunglasses at night .

>> okay.

>> i was about to and caught myself. al said don't sing. next, cool sunglasses. we need the cool dudes to come out for us.

>> so this is the modern by the sleek shapes. i feel like maybe these would look fantastic on you.

>> they look like plastic.

>> and you said you have a big head.

>> i do.

>> i thought maybe those would look good on you.

>> giant head.

>> you seem -- for al. these are the ray bands, the aviators. there's a lot of memory metals for men here. sort of like whip back into shape if you throw them in your bag. but this is, again, another way to --

>> whoa.

>> you know what -- these might be better.

>> good.

>> no.

>> nice try, martin.

>> these would work for you.

>> oh, perfect.

>> so, really, the purpose here is to say that you should have these four looks going so you could put them with any outfit.

>> right.

>> and you're really prepared for summer. and these tortoise would go very well.

>> reflective deal, right? you said reflective is big?

>> i think these are good for a friend because your friend could check themselves out. or your wife could check herself out. so that's good. multiple purposes.

>> thanks as always. and we'll