TODAY   |  April 18, 2013

4 dogs, 1 cat in need of homes get made over

In the latest installment of Bow to Wow, four adorable pooches and one cat get made over in the hopes that they will soon be adopted into loving homes.

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>> back now from bow to wow where we find loving homes for shelter pets. and april kicks off our fifth anniversary. yes, it's been five years. still boasting a 100% adoption record all thanks to the efforts of the lovely jill rappaport , our animal advocate. congratulations on your anniversary.

>> thank you so much, natalie.

>> five years, well done.

>> it's so important we start this year off with a bang, because the numbers are truly staggering. currently, there are over 7 million pets, companion pets in shelters across the country. many will never make it out, which is really unfathomable when you see our amazing animals today.

>> obviously that's her name. what a sweetheart.

>> a 4-year-old poodle mix.

>> she is so wonderful, an owner surrender and very sought after breed, right?

>> very much so. she has a great temperment, just chilling out, relaxing, she's very comfortable.

>> putting up with my singing.

>> she didn't start howling.

>> oh, hello. this personality, plus pooch is scootch adorable 6-month-old puppy and a special boy in more ways than one. he was born with his leg tucked up. and even though he can't put his weight on it, he's pain-free and getting around great.

>> yeah, he's been getting around great, he's a chihuahua mix and has been no problems at all.

>> he's amazing. very active little boy too, right?

>> very active. and look at those eyes, those loving sweet eyes he has.

>> we're back in the caddy shack and sadly every time i'm here, the cages are chalk full.and the cat situation is more dire than the dogs.

>> we have a lot of wonderful cats that need good homes like leo who is 4 years old.

>> look at this beauty.

>> look how shiny and beautiful his coat is.

>> he melts in your hands.

>> he's just very sweet and very mellow. very calm.

>> this guy is a twofor. definitely takes two to hold billy bob.

>> he's solid. he's a puggle and 3 years old.

>> but he is very sweet.

>> shake, shake, shake --

>> going with the flow. nothing's bothering him.

>> you're a good boy, aren't you?

>> we've determined jill rappaport sings like me.

>> that's the bad news.

>> we're joined by richard jengles of animal control nyc. richard , good to see you again this morning. let's get to our pups, cause we need to see some furry friends this morning. and we have with us first up is sunshine. let's take a look at his before picture. well, here he is now. being walked by dylan from oakland, maine. and he's a poodle mix, is that right, richard ?

>> you see how well she groomed up. and she fits her name.

>> she's the sweetest thing in the world.

>> what she'll do is great for families to shadow you around the house, settle down and loves to play, as well. great all around family dog .

>> hi, little girl . hey, dylan .

>> she's got a smile on her face all the time, now that she's groomed up.

>> no shedding. she's a beautiful dog and as you said, great with kids as you can see with dylan walking her out. thanks so much, dylan . appreciate it. ok, next we have scooch, a chihuahua mix. has that little leg that's tucked under, but tons of personality.

>> little bit of deformity, and he loves to play, loves to play with other dogs.

>> yeah.bouncing around.

>> he was born like this, but doesn't cause him any pain.

>> he gets around as you can see

>> he gets around with no trouble.

>> no discomfort. just like a regular dog.

>> oh, absolutely adorable. and really --

>> he's a puppy still and also needs to be housebroken yet.

>> he loves the camera.sell it, baby, sell it.

>> cynthia from houston, texas walking, cynthia thank you so much. okay. not all dogs this morning as you saw, we have that beautiful black kitty leo as well. and don't miss a main line rescue. you guys do such a great job.

>> main line rescue is a great part of animal care and control. we're getting into the busy cat season now. this is a great time to adopt a cat. leo 's a perfect example of that. leo 's more of a cat that will sit and relax and cuddle with you. little bit older so, doesn't play as much.

>> and, again, the cat situation is dire. worse than the dogs, so many cats in shelters.

>> leo is perfect for a family, perfect family cat.

>> a beautiful kitty. so great, thank you. okay. and next we have big old billy bob, 39 pounds of dog. he's all muscle, though. so what kind of dog, richard , do you think he is?

>> well, we say he's a puggle mix.

>> and this is marilyn farris and tracy klein who are big fans of the show walking.

>> came all the way from philadelphia.

>> that's great.

>> he's strong, but he walks really well on the leash.

>> very gentle, right?

>> would be a good family dog . also would get along well in a home without other dogs. so just, again, all around great dog.

>> yeah.very, very gentle.

>> he seems adorable. all right. well, you guys, as always, thank you so much. richard gentles, jill rappaport , thank you.

>> can i just say that april is national prevention cruelty to animals month. so adopt. very important.

>> please do. and these are great pets for you to adopt, as well, thanks guys.