TODAY   |  April 18, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Christie make TIME 100

Each year TIME magazine compiles a list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Rick Stengel, managing editor of the magazine, reveals some of this year’s picks, including Jay-Z, actress Jennifer Lawrence, and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

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>> gears a little bit now because we're about to get a first look at "time" magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world . rick, good morning.

>> good to be with you. for the purpose of perspective, your definition of influence is what?

>> it's about the ideas and actions of people who inspire others. not about the influence of power but the power of influence.

>> let's start because we need a little lightness for a moment. pop culture , you choose jennifer lawrence , she won an academy award , why did she make the list?

>> she made the list, jodie foster wrote about her. part of the time 100 is the pairings. she has a new style of acting, hunger games will be one of the biggest franchises in film and she's influencing young actors and actresses everywhere.

>> you've chosen rand paul as one of those this year. his essay is written by sarah palin . why the pairing? and why rand paul? he's on one of the covers.

>> well, he's reconciling the kind of libertarian movement on the conservative side. who better than sarah palin to say he's the new "it" boy of the republican party .

>> pop culture , jay-z makes the list. an awful lot of things cooking right now. and you have michael bloomberg writing his introduction.

>> yes. basically the mayor says he's a deputy mayor. he's a kid from brooklyn, he's expanded out of the hip-hop movement to become an entrepreneur.

>> the next person i thought you might name as the person of the year last year. a pakistani girl who fought for education rights in her country was shot in the head by a taliban gunman now recovering in the uk.

>> i think she's a great person to talk about now because she's not only a symbol of educating girls, but she's a symbol of resilience which is something we need to think about now.

>> president obama , vice president joe biden , they both make the list. has a sitting president ever not made the list?

>> i believe in the last year of george bush 's second term, he did not make the list.

>> you might get some heat on this one. but why obama and biden?

>> you can always have the president and the president, his profile is written by hillary clinton and she talks about he's a president who delivers. obviously he is everywhere in the most important issues of our time. eric cantor wrote about joe biden , calls him a friend, calls him somebody who can actually reconcile differences in the house and the senate and that's important.

>> and another local politician who is a frequent guest on this show and a guy who gets an awful lot of attention is new jersey's governor chris christie . obviously there are some people looking to him for 2016 as a possible strong contender for the republican nomination. he makes short list. and the essay, the introduction written by a young person .

>> yes, an 8-year-old girl from new jersey who he comforted in the wake of sandy. and she wrote a lovely little essay about how he had helped her family and the people of that town. it's very moving.

>> before i let you go. there are like seven different covers for this magazine.

>> i know, we forgot to talk about that.

>> and they're going to hit the stands soon. incredibly busy news week. what's your take on all this?

>> we have an ipad edition about the boston bombing. again, to go back to this idea of resilience, i think the story is so much about how we have reacted to that bombing. you know, in boston and elsewhere in washington. i think that's inspiring.

>> "time's" 100 most influential people in the world . we're back with much more on a thursday morning after this.