TODAY   |  April 17, 2013

Dinner tonight: Grilling up steaks Texas-style

If your family is asking for more variety from your grill, chef Tim Love is here to help. He demonstrates how to grill up Texas-style steaks using a delicious, spice-filled rub.

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>>> we are grillin' and chillin' it says here with tim love who is cooking steak texas style, the executive chef and owner of queenie's steakhouse in his hometown of denton, texas . tim, good to see but

>> good to see you.

>> before we start cooking congratulations on the restaurant and i love the significance of the name queenies.

>> going back to my hometown and name a restaurant after my mom. i've never opened a steakhouse so it's a lot of fun.

>> congratulations. let's do cooking the first cut is called a tomahawk. i love the name alone i already love it.

>> full bone-in ribeye. we serve it at queenies tableside. steak like this is well marbled, takes a good rub.

>> absolutely.

>> i got you a little wine.

>> thanks, appreciate it.

>> we'll add in all these ingredients, red chicagory powder, cumin, salt, garlic salt , black pepper , thyme, rosemary and brown sugar which sweetens it a little bit.

>> whisk it up. the key here is when you season a steak like this, a big steak like this requires a lot of the seasoning so we'll season it up really well.

>> all right.

>> you're pretty good at that.

>> i like to grill.

>> this is different than seasoning a brisket. we want to pack the seasoning in as opposed to a brisket we layer it on there. this allows us the nice trust with the fat.

>> can there be too much rub?

>> with a steak this size it's almost impossible to have too much. we add a little bit of peanut oil because we want to get it really hot.

>> how much here just a little bit?

>> enough to coat the pan. little more. there we go. all right. lay the bad boy on here like this.

>> oh, man, look at that.

>> the magic starts to happen. so we're going to sear it about three minutes per side, take it off and put it into the oven or you can put it on the top rack of your grill. that's what the top rack is for. the rusty one on the side of the grill that's what that's for. that's why i'm here, willie.

>> how long would you grill that if you put it on the top rack?

>> three minutes a side, shut the lid and about 18, 20 minutes .

>> what is the next cut?

>> great cut i brought to queenies called a vascio, cut from the flap, mexican style cut and what you do with that is we cut the center cut of it. looks like a salmon fillet.

>> texas .

>> that's a fred flintstone piece of meat, we're from the same town.

>> finish this with a little bit of lime and bring the fat out.

>> oh.

>> and the lime brings the fat out.

>> you have all this fat so you got to add some acid to it. fat, acid and salt is what makes the world go round in food.

>> amen to that.

>> what was that accent?

>> while you're cutting that i want to ask you about the austin food and wine festival coming up next weekend.

>> austin food and wine festival is a festival i put together a couple years ago with " food & wine " magazine. i do the worldest largest hands on grilling seminar. it's amazing, you can come hang out, drink a lot of white wine oddly enough and look at this. try this.

>> you are the master. tim love thank you so much. it's beautiful. tamron? i'll cut it in half. queenie's steakhouse