TODAY   |  April 17, 2013

6 hottest new hotels around the world

Looking for somewhere new and exciting to go on vacation this year? Lisa Gill of Conde Nast Traveler reveals some of the magazine’s top picks for best new hotels in Ecuador, England, Miami, and elseshere.

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>>> this morning's "today's travel" the hotel hot list, the picks for the best new hotels and great destinations that opened in the past year. lisa gill is contributing editor . how did you and your team come up with, did everyone try everything, the soap, the linens?

>> we try everything from the bathtub to the room service , it's a hard job but it's an editor's choice of the best new hotels that have opened around the world and this year we whittled it down to 154 in 57 countries so quite a large list in a very broad space as well.

>> we selected a few from the list, starting off on the west coast in san francisco .

>> yes, the inn at the presidia. instead of sort of the usual downtown location, it's in the presidia, a beautiful army base turned national park so you're surrounded by hiking trails, beautiful views of the golden gate bridge .

>> so charming.

>> and the hotel was a former's officers quarter so you see references to its past, brass bugles on the walls and $195 a night.

>> a beautiful place and look at the nature behind you. now we're going to head to south beach , the slf hotel .

>> slf hotel is quintessential south beach , a really fun.

>> which means brings your dancing shoes and you're not going to bed.

>> it's a really fun space, designed by felipe stark, french aristocracy meets miami cool. it's eye-catching and naughty at the same time.

>> great restaurants as well.

>> high end sushi.

>> look at that room. how much is this going to cost us?

>> surprisingly affordable, rooms start at $195 a night.

>> off season?

>> that's now if you book today. the high season in january a little more pricey.

>> we'll go stay on the east coast the nantucket hotel and resort in nantucket .

>> nantucket hotel and resort. this is a reinvention of a hotel that was opened originally in 1891 . it's been completely revamped top to bottom. we loved this place, 36 suites, holds anywhere from two people to 12 people so it's great for groups, great for families in particular.

>> look at that pool.

>> and it's open year round which is very rare for nantucket .

>> we'll stay on the east coast in brooklyn ?

>> yes.

>> okay.

>> brooklyn this is the first time brooklyn 's appeared on the hot list. we love the wise hotel it is in williamsburg which is a hip, happening part of brooklyn and it faces the waterfront, gorgeous views of the manhattan sky line . we love the casual vibe.

>> how much will this cost us?

>> also affordable, $179 a night.

>> and what's nearby, a lot of restaurants?

>> a lot of restaurants, a great neighborhood and you can have cocktails on a rooftop bar.

>> london.

>> this is a banner year for the ramp-up to the olympics, eight on the year on the list alone. the ampersand hotel , it is quirky and witty.

>> i feel like the mad hatter .

>> it's over the top but also fun and makes references to the cultural institutions of the neighborhood.

>> in ecuador, lastly, is it mashi lodge?

>> yes, this is one of the bucket list destinations if you have to choose one. it is two hours drive outside of the capital nestled in a 42,000 acre rain forest preserve. like a hotel and observatory.

>> and the price as you said it's a fantasy destination.

>> this is about $962 per night but it's worth every penny, such an experience of a lifetime.

>> put it on the bucket