TODAY   |  April 17, 2013

Top-voted value products in beauty, fashion, more

Taryn Mohrman of Woman’s Day shares some of the winners of the magazine’s Great Value Awards, including jewelry and handbags, makeup, exercise DVDs, and cooking products.

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>>> back now at 8:51 with "today's consumer." great value products. the editors at "woman's day" tried out new and classic items to come up with their list of winners. tayn, good morning, thank you for being here.

>> thanks for having me.

>> what was the criteria to get on the list?

>> had to be worth your time and energy and most of all your money, not only were our 30 winners picked by editors but put to the test by a panel of readers.

>> several different categories. we start with fashion. we have jewelry obviously.

>> first goes to all of the necklaces and bracelets retail for $25 or less and ship anywhere in the u.s. for free, bright colors, great way to get into the trend without spending a lot of money and they're beautiful and we love them.

>> gorgeous handbags, they look expensive.

>> they are but when you're talking about high quality handbags the place to shop is marshalls, designer bags discounted up to 60% off. everything here is under 100, made with real material so they'll stand up for the everyday wear and tear.

>> they look expensive but aren't expensive. jeans.

>> this is the perfect pair no matter what your shape or size, this is old navy the flirt, a boot cut style. the dark wash takes you from day to night, just the right amount of stretch, they have great pockets in the back that give your butt the lift you want and available in sizes zero to 20 and three different lengths for $29.50.

>> price is right. standing behind this mannequin makes me look better. the world of niny the nine-in-one cream.

>> it gives you that flawless looking face for a fraction of the price. in that tube you have a primer, a moisturizer, concealer, brighter in, color corrector . and it's $6.99. you'll replace so much of your makeup bag with that one item.

>> especially if you're a traveler. hand cream .

>> gud all natural hand cream . it smells delicious. it goes on really light and smooth, absorbs quickly and you're not going to get that greasy feeling. it's $8.99 at drugstores. once you try it you're hooked. loreal's satin lnett hair spray gives your hair a hold without turning it into a helmet and goes on dry, $14.99 at drugstores.

>> health now, sneakers.

>> workout gear can be expensive. these are 9 by champion, retail for under $30 at you have to feel how lightweight these are. they have non-skid tread, cushion insoles, padded tongues, whether you're going for a walk around the neighborhood or doing a gym class and the ten-minute dvd.

>> why is this better than all the other ones out there?

>> each dvd, they have 35 to choose from, has five ten-minute workouts on it so it lets you customize, mix and match and those are $15 to $17 on

>> i think i put the entire tube of hand scream of cream on. little goes a long way. the home department air popper .

>> this is our cooking department. we love the popcorn maker , great way to have a healthy economical snack. this west bend air crazy maker makes four quarts of popcorn in under three minutes so you get a lot for not a lot but we also love the compact design so you can put it on your countertop, and it's just a great one, $29.99 on

>> what do you love about this baking sheet ?

>> this is $20 on amazon and you cannot only bake but roast in it, too, thanks to this raised rim. it comes with a lid so it makes prep and storage a cinch. it's from nordicware's natural line the half sheet baker's pan.

>> let's move on to home.

>> we have garnett fiesta line. this washes over and over again, won't pil, available in nine vibrant colors and the prices range from $22 to $32 for the pillow cases and flat and fitted sheets. it's a nice way to change your bedroom decor without spending a lot.

>> if you want to spice it up sheets can be really expensive.

>> these are sold ala carte so you can get what you need.

>> a lot of hand soaps on the market.

>> this is mrs. meyer's liquid hand soap . it's just $3.99 and we love that it lathers, you'll feel the clean while washing your hands, garden scents are really beautiful and the labels make them something you'll be proud to put on your countertop.

>> do they have others hand soap or other products?

>> they have a whole line. we love the hand soap , worth trying out all of them.

>> karen, thank you for giving us the list. first your