TODAY   |  April 17, 2013

Friends, family remember Boston bombing victims

As more information is released about the Boston bombings, friends and family are remembering the victims, including 8-year-old Martin Richard and Krystal Campbell, 29, both killed in the blasts.

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>>> this morning, we learn more about the victims of the bombings. natalie morales is in boston, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. the scope of this tragedy is being felt not just throughout the nation but the world as we learned the third victim killed was a graduate student from boston university in china. she's not been identified. meantime i attended an emotional candlelight vigil in for chestechesfo dorchester, "no more hurting people, peace" was a message very clear, seen and heard around the world.

>> they're in our prayers.

>> reporter: at garvey park hundreds gathered to remember 8-year-old martin richard, was with his family near the finish line when the bomb exploded.

>> pray we keep them alive in our minds, hearts and memories.

>> reporter: his sister jane, lost a leg his mother severely injured and martin was killed.

>> i can't talk.

>> if someone was having a bad day , he'd put a smile on their face.

>> reporter: krystle campbell was a graduate of umass boston and worked 16-hour days as a restaurant manager . at first their parents were told their daughter survived the explosion but when they were let in, they discovered it was her close friend. their 29-year-old daughter was dead, their grief unimaginable.

>> you couldn't ask for a better daughter and i can't believe this has happened. she's such a happy person in everything she did. just doesn't make any sense.

>> reporter: 11-year-old aaron hearn is one of ten children injured in the blasts. he came from northern california to cheer on his mother, katherine as she completed her first boston marathon as he waited to take photos of her crossing the finish line . his principal sent the well wishes of an entire school.

>> i'd like aaron to know that we miss him and i hope that he is doing well and we're thinking of him every minute.

>> reporter: lives forever changed in an instant. god bless america , my home sweet home

>> reporter: meanwhile, aaron kearn is currently in the icu. he is expected to be out of the hospital in time for his 12th birthday, which is in just a few weeks and i know the nation is praying for him and all of the other victims as well.

>> they are indeed, natalie, thank