TODAY   |  April 17, 2013

Acts of kindness: Bostonians take care of each other

Amid the horror in Boston are amazing stories of strangers helping strangers with acts as small as giving orange juice and coffee to shocked people on the scene, and as courageous as the heroes who ran toward the scene of chaos instead of away. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> some of the inspiring stories of strangers helping strangers in the moments after the boston marathon bombing. nbc's kerry sanders has that part of the story for us. kerry, good morning.

>> reporter: well, good morning here. we've got the comfort dogs that are dogs here. they know how to get out and reach and give unconditional love to those in the city who need it now, a city that is beginning to celebrate the goodness in people.

>> reporter: boston is united and thankful for their heroes, like the firefighter who says what you see in this photo is a first responder just doing his job.

>> she was in pain. she was scared. i'm not sure how old she was but she looked very young to me. she said "i'm scared. ".

>> reporter: as i look at this picture i see a burly hero, you, not just rescuing somebody, but comforting somebody. what do you see?

>> i see somebody hurt. people say what'd you do first? who do you get to? who do you had en? it's one patient at a time.

>> reporter: for bostonians one kind act at a time.

>> one guy was shivering so bad. i looked at him, do you want coffee? he was like oh, yes so i brought him some coffee.

>> reporter: he also brought orange juice to strangers on the street and a bostonian who opened her home.

>> i'm close if you want a warm place.

>> reporter: ally blogged requesting it was one of those moments where you say to yourself people are good." small acts of kindness and big acts of bravery. during my interview with jimmy, bruce mendelssohn who also ran toward the explosions to help walked off.

>> thank you, pal. i appreciate it.

>> reporter: a firefighter and a civilian who joined forces monday, bruce works at mit. he used a t-shirt as a tourniquet on the girl that jimmy scooped up.

>> reporte that is the girl, hero, she's cowering, there's the victim, the tourniquet. what do you see in that picture?

>> i see people trying to help, i see america in that picture. i really do. i -- this is what we do and this is why we will win because we help other people.

>> reporter: bruce and jimmy the firefighter say they do not know who that girl is but they would love to meet her. ruthie and maggie and the whole gang here with their handlers will be out on the streets of boston today, working with people who need it and right now they're right here at first lutheran of boston . guys, back to you.

>> kerry sanders thank you very much. what a nice story.

>> they did provide a lot