TODAY   |  April 16, 2013

Brooke Shields: I went through flight simulator for role

Actress Brooke Shields is guest-starring in the Lifetime show “Army Wives” as a tough Air Force colonel. She tells Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that she had to go through flight training and a flight simulator  to get ready for the role.

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>>> welcome back to "today" on this tuesday. and brooke shields has been in the spotlight nearly her entire life. i can't remember any time we weren't aware of our brooke. her career started when she was just 11 months old.

>> brooke is a best-selling author, but probably best known for her modeling and acting career. right now she's a recurring cast member on the critically acclaimed drama, " army wives ." she clashes with a base commander . look at her.

>> what was that, colonel?

>> if you're referring to our training mission, sir, it was a fully approved flight path .

>> which your predecessor never utilized on concern for base operation.

>> we don't just make lefthand turns in a war zone . i'm sure my superiors would back me on that.

>> yes, i'm sure they would. but the next time you feel the need to perform an unwarranted exercise over my base. i strongly suggest you have the courtesy of letting my office know in advance.

>> certainly, sir.

>> you know she's going to do what she wants.

>> i think there's going to be a little steam going on between those two.

>> with respect he just lost his wife.

>> you're already comfortable with? didn't you work with him on " suddenly susan "?

>> was on the original pilot. we were the original couple on " suddenly susan ." brian mcnamara . i think we had good chemistry. and they were like oh, we can't have them. he came back for a little while. but then he came back as a recurring character for a little while. when they call immediate about this, first i thought it was going to be one of the wives which obviously that they're wonderful. but when they said, you get to be with brian and go sort of right up against him, and be in a flight suit , i was like --

>> you were into that.

>> not really up against him --

>> it's what they call an arc.

>> yes.

>> ant i haven't even had one.

>> were you partly responsible for the wine on this show.

>> i realize i heard this story, thank you, but --

>> you made the last five years just fly by.

>> one of the things you can't do is drink and be an army wife or -- a pilot.

>> but i'm an airlift wing commander. and --

>> i don't know anything about that at all.

>> i've been in one of the transport planes before when i flew with uso tours to entertain the troops.

>> but you were a passenger. but i had to go through physiology and through training and simulation. i got to fly in afghanistan. it wasn't really afghanistan but --

>> it looked like it on the screen.

>> it's disconcerting.

>> where are you filming this, in south carolina ?

>> where we're going, hoda.

>> the town is amazing, the people are incredible. yeah, i mean it's really, the food is amazing.

>> let's clear up a rumor for us. i'm paging through the papers and lo and behold your name keeps popping up. as a possible host for "the view."

>> you know we had to ask, we are nbc news.

>> listen, there's time. no, i have hosted many times and i've hosted recently and they just keep asking me back to host. there's been no formal offers, there's been no offers. it's really been -- i swear, i swear. you know i'll call you.

>> oh.

>> i'll call you. they haven't asked.

>> do talk about the fact that in one of the interviews i just was reading this morning that your favorite thing in all the world, even though you love broadway and are always welcome back on broadway, is you love the sitcom arena, don't you?

>> it was the first place that i just sort of unleashed in this way.

>> a comedienne.

>> i felt like it's a real hybrid between cinema and stage. there's an audience, you're forced to think on your feet.

>> they change jokes. it's fun and it's happy.

>> it's a nice way to spend your day.

>> what's your big announcement? do you have a big announcement?

>> i'm making my directorial debut.

>> does calvin klein know this?

>> i'm not coming out with a jeans commercial. i've been asked to direct "chicago" at the hollywood bowl . you can appreciate how terrifying it is to sort of go in that, into that world and i've always just been the one on stage. but i'm --

>> how thrilling to be in control.

>> i'm a passionate fan of the show. and i'm going to the pilot -- of " army wives " and the pilot of "chicago."

>> people can buy tickets now?

>> yes, go online.

>> we start rehearsal july 15th and it's the last weekend of july and three performances.

>> a lot of work for three performances.

>> but it's going to be, i'm going to be shot out of the cannon.

>> and she's also a wife and mother in her spare time .

>> " army wives " is this sunday at 9:00, 8:00 p.m . central on lifetime.

>> and give our love to