TODAY   |  April 16, 2013

Anchor at marathon still ‘processing’ attack

Alycia Lane, an anchor at KNBC in Los Angeles, had left the race after cheering on a friend and was at a restaurant near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when the explosions went off. She talks about what she witnessed in the immediate aftermath.

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>> happens next? what did you do?

>> we were inside of a restaurant at the lennox hotel which is right there at the corner of boyleston and exeter. 100, 150 feet from the spectator and finish line . we were having lunch, waiting for my best friend who had run the marathon to have lunch with us. she had already passed through. the massive explosion takes place. we can feel it beneath us. the table is shaking. everything on the table is shaking. ten seconds later another explosion goes off. at that point, panic just struck the entire restaurant inside of that hotel. we all moved back toward the back of the restaurant in order to stay away from blasts, any glass that might shatter. everyone was terrified, myself included, not knowing if that was the only bomb, if that was the only bombs, if there were more to come. boston police then came inside a little bit later, few minutes later p told us to turn off all of our cell phone devices to make sure we wouldn't detonate any additional devices that might be out there. shortly thereafter, we were ushered out of the hotel and we were evacuated and have since not been able to return. i've just recently been told we can get back in to get our belongings. the entire area is considered a crime scene. no one who was in any of those hotels will be able to stay at those hotels. i want to show you the covers of the newspapers here this morning in boston. "the boston herald ." terror at the finish line . graphic photos, heart brenchi iwrenching photos. "the boston globe ," i'm not going to unfold, quite gruesome of a woman who was injured there. a really harrowing ordeal. we finally did find my best friend . luckily she was safe. this morning it was really about processing what had taken place. natalie, i know natalie is a runner. she's a marathoner. she knows what it's like to win one of these. it's a huge achievement. especially for the boston marathon which is one of the most competitive marathons. and this morning we awakened in our hotel room . this was beside her on the night stand . she was doubled over in tears. really inconsolable. she couldn't realize, wrap her head around what had happened. how fortunate she felt and how fortunate we all felt for surviving this. and our hearts going out to those who were injured and the people who were killed. it was just such a terrifying experience. i think i probably haven't had time to process it yet. she is this morning. and it's certainly a difficult day.

>> all right. alycia lane from our sister station in los angeles , knbc. thank you so much. glad you're okay.