TODAY   |  April 15, 2013

Paris Jackson wants Neverland Ranch restored

Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on all the Hollywood happenings over the weekend, such as Rebel Wilson hosting the MTV Movie Awards, Paris Jackson wanting to restore the Neverland Ranch for sick kids and Justin Bieber’s controversial comments about Anne Frank.

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>>> welcome back to "today" on this fun-day monday. time for today's buzz, we fill you in on all things celebrity gossip you may have missed over the weekend.

>> matt damon renews his wedding vows and paris jackson opens up about his famous dad. here with all the buzz is tim stat, entertainment writer for " entertainment weekly ."

>> the mtv awards , i know you were watching. what did you take away?

>> i thought they were okay. you know, rebel wilson from "bridesmaids" hosted, i love her i think she was really funny. a lot of lady business jokes, jokes about the lady business, i don't know if i can say that on tv and lots of pubic hair jokes. but anyway, she performed. speaking of -- she performed with her pitch perfect cast. it's so good. and she opened it with a new song and -- it was good. the big winner was ton of awards.

>> it seems like an adult --

>> exactly. i think the fact that jennifer lawrence was in it and bradley cooper and "the avengers" won a ton of awards, too. "silver linings playbook" won a lot. mtv awards are not the oscars, but they're fun.

>> listening to paris jackson speak out. it's interesting to hear from her, anyway. but tell us what she had to say.

>> she seems like oddly normal. surprising. but michael jackson 's daughter, paris, she gave an interview to the "daily mail" kind of just talking about her life right now. and she misses her father. he was an incredible father. and her plans for the future. she has a normal childhood, she's a cheerleader and she wants to be a heart surgeon . she was talking about being a model or something.

>> when you should sort of take the time to find out what you want to be. and there's new controversy i read in the papers over the weekend that only one of the children, blanket is michael's actual biological child.

>> good lord. she also said she wants to open up, reopen neverland ranch as a home for sick children. which just sounds like a horror movie to me. the ghost of bubbles the chimp is going to be around. the poor kids with cancer are going to be like liz taylor paintings everywhere.

>> but if it can be used for good.

>> that's true.

>> come on, tim, think it through.

>> bad juju, good things did not happen at neverland.

>> how do you know that?

>> allegedly. allegedly. i'm sure it's a wonderful place to grow up.

>> matt damon and his wife. they renewed their marriage vows .

>> a lot of people renew their vows.

>> did you and frank renew your vows?

>> no need to.

>> but yeah, matt damon and his wife renewed their vows, they never actually had a full ceremony. they never a full ceremony. they went down to st. louaint. louiaint lu cia with a bunch of their friends and were frolicking on the beach like rich people do.

>> i was in my house watching the mtv awards .

>> let's talk about the movies "42" is huge.

>> one of those stories, so inspiring and jackie robinson is such a huge, hikiconic guy and though one has tackled that before. it's a movie that families can go see. but yeah, it's got a crazy audience score, the score was like an a-plus, it has good legs.

>> two seconds to tell us, what do you think of the bieber thing with anne