TODAY   |  April 15, 2013

KLG, Hoda’s minds boggled by brainteasers

Jason Silva, the host of a new show called “Brain Games” and deception specialist Apollo Robbins, put Kathie Lee and Hoda through a few brain-busting exercises.

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>>> they say seeing is believing and we are about to find out that's not always the case from clever coin tricks to math equations, these two guys over here claim they can blow your mind .

>> if you have one. part of a new show airing on the national geographic channel called " brain games " jason silva is the host and apollo robbins is the deception specialist.

>> creepy, scary.

>> welcome, guys.

>> sounds like something we wouldn't ordinarily be interested in.

>> well, for one, obama is putting all this money to reverse-engineer the brain, the brain is the most complicated object in the universe, but at the same time it's incredibly easy to fool. it has these shortcomes that can be exploited and this game we have these interactive experiments that do that to teach you about your brain.

>> they say we only use a small percentage of our brain.

>> we use all of our brains, we don't use it well. but we use all of our brain.

>> what does mr. deception have to do with the whole game?

>> i do like hacking the mind, there's a lot of false assumptions we make every day. i take advantage of that in a visual way, whether it be stealing something from you, or kind of showing you why critical thinking is pong important.

>> what is the show?

>> the star of the show is your brain we have these carefully designed interactive experiments, we call it lean-in programming. the brain experts, these cognitive experts design these games, illusions can you play at home as you watch and you're like wow, you want to understand what just happened.

>> it's interesting, two of you at home watching it. a husband and wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, family. each one of you will have a different experience of the games because your brains are wired differently. my wife is really good at this, i'm not good at that. it gives awe chance to participate, interactive tv .

>> what if you're one of those people who doesn't do well at all the entire time. isn't there a danger that you'll come away thinking i'm an idiot.

>> the games you'll do not so well because they're designed to show your brain's own shortcomes.

>> we dot show to do that.

>> when you find out what you don't know it gives you an advantage.

>> you're supposed to count the footballs, all right? this is an example.

>> i, what? try to count them.

>> right.

>> 28.

>> 30.

>> you're both wrong but you're pretty close.

>> the answer was actually revealed on the screen in text.

>> it was?

>> an example of inattention blindness.

>> where was it?

>> just right there.

>> stop counting. there are 27 footballs.

>> your eye is on the footballs, that's what you told us to do.

>> by pushing your attention in one direction.

>> here, come on this side, it wasn't implied.

>> and i want to you keep your jewelry. so you'll be safer over here.

>> i was going to ask you to put your cards down so you have your hands available. your attention is drawn to something like this, this becomes the priority. close your hand around it. would you be surprised if i could take it out of your hands?

>> i would be totally shocked. that would be the easy way . use your hand, but squeeze my wrist, squeeze. see your attention is split between two places, but your high-resolution view of your attention is very small and you can't see where it actually is.

>> where is it?

>> while she's looking here, she doesn't know it's sitting on her shoulder.

>> pick it up.

>> try your hand. use your hand a little bit higher, you can see it almost at home how this works, it's not here because it's back on her shoulder again.

>> one more time. i'll use both your hands.

>> put your hand on top. if you watch it -- here you can also see the space. now right there out of your mind is making assumptions about where you go, it's here, isn't it?

>> you're so sharp. the fact that it's here, it falls back in the palm of your hand. it is on the head like you said. it's the motion that draws your attention.

>> that's what these guys have been doing in their magic tricks forever.

>> you're going to try this. this is out of the box thinking, you want to connect all the brains together. with three straight lines . three straight lines . and again, the clue --

>> i don't know what you mean.

>> link them all together using only three straight lines .

>> how can you --

>> think out of the box .

>> one was a little bit curved for the straight line .

>> you were letly out of the box. notice, it's so important. most people will stay within the boundaries. outside of the boundaries, it makes sense.

>> outside your comfort zone .

>> we try to play by the rules.

>> all right. so we actually, so you guys.

>> you're going to read the sign. that's all you're going to do. just read this sign.

>> new york in the spring.

>> new york in the the spring.

>> most people will read that like ten times and not catch it.

>> your mind fills in the blank and sometimes you just skip over what's right in front of you.

>> catch the premiere of " brain games ".

>> monday, april 22nd at 9:00 and 9:30 on the nat geochannel.