TODAY   |  April 15, 2013

KLG: ‘Good kid’ Bieber has ‘no sense of reality’

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk Justin Bieber’s controversial note at the Anne Frank museum. Kathie Lee says that he is a good kid who was taught knowing right from wrong, but seems out of touch with reality.

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>> announcer: and hoda kotb . live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> all right, how dare we call tax day monday fun-day. glad you're with us, hope you had a wonderful weekend. a very happy birthday to my sister mish.

>> who knew?

>> there's my beautiful sister mish.

>> so tax-day is her birthday?

>> yes.

>> and i have a friend named michael redmond , it's his birthday, i'll wish him well on the northern coast of -- washington state , i forget.

>> did you do your taxes?

>> i think so. somebody did. frank said we did. yes.

>> i always get panicky around this time. because i got an email --

>> because all your stuff is at the bottom of your purse, you need to give it to somebody long before now.

>> you know what i do have? under the bed -- a big tupperware where i dump everything in there and slide it under the bed.

>> and then i pull it out.

>> with the body of jay.

>> he emailed me and said urgent. on friday, he emailed me, urgent, need tax info asap, all caps.

>> hoda, did you get an extension?

>> that's what i'm doing today.

>> oh my --

>> today's the extension day.

>> i've known you five years, loved you that long. never oncevy known you to file on time.

>> why don't i just do it on time? i like to know there's a few more months to go. down the road.

>> you know what's the most depressing thing of all? is thinking about how long you have to work before you get to actually spend one penny of all the work that you have done.

>> that's for the average person. for people like you who are multimillionaires, that's way, way, way -- you know where all of hoda's money is going now? to the dog walker .

>> i had no idea. you better drink up, because you're about to get the first bill from the dog walker .

>> this is a tax drink.

>> an apple martini . why --

>> it's, from the grant grill at the u.s. grant hotel in san diego .

>> that's good. each one of these drinks costs $4.15 and it's the 15th of april to celebrate tax day .

>> that will help you forget it's tax day , that's for sure.

>> last night there's a broadway show that premiered called " motown ."

>> motown , the musical.

>> it's like being at a concert. it's like you are watching --

>> motown great songs in it unbelievable. i think 56 or so.

>> we went last night.

>> the supremes, the temptations.

>> marvin gaye . oh, my gosh.

>> it's a party. it's a party.

>> and by the way --

>> a lot of people came to the party last night. we went on the red carpet , me and you -- the happy couple.

>> yeah.

>> holding hands, people are starting to talk.

>> we're getting a little worried. there's diana ross . barry gordie, and barry gordie's son from fao. and there's smoky. and we saw diana and we said, it must be intermission. after what, it must be surreal i remember saying to her, watching -- she did come up on stage. we said miss ross, miss ross is what you call her. what was it like -- it must be surreal for you to watch your life being played out. she said, it is strange.

>> they have quite the bit of history and a child together. everybody seems to have made peace with whatever their relationships were.

>> well it's wild.

>> amazing story of what barry go gordy built.

>> i looked around and saw stevie wonder and gladys knight and the commodores, it was wild, i think to look around and see them all there.

>> it was an idea --

>> is that clive up there, too?

>> no, that's gladys at the end.

>> my eyes are going. i can't wait to have my cataracts done. but anyway we want to thank especially doug morris for our terrific seats and we really want to congratulate him and his beautiful wife, monique. doug is one of the most powerful men, probably the most powerful men in the music industry , we've been friends of his for a long time now. and i think they said they know they have it on in the playbill, three producers, but i, he put a lot of his own money into that thing. and it's got the biggest box office from broadway right now, too, so we're really, really happy for him.

>> it's a party over at jenna bush hager 's house.

>> she had a baby!

>> way to go.

>> a baby girl , her name is margaret laura, and they're calling her mila, it's henry's mom's name and her mom's name. so margaret laura. which is beautiful.

>> six pounds, 15 ounces, 19 1/4 inches.

>> and look at henry, he's so in love with his wife and his daughter.

>> are they watching the masters?

>> oh, my god!

>> no, they're not.

>> first-time grandparents. i wonder what the name was, if they had chosen, if it was going to be a boy. because they didn't know.

>> we'll have to ask.

>> anyway, we wish them all the best. i was thinking about her today. i think, your think your life changes with a dog? oh, my gosh how your life changes with a baby.

>> i can't wait to see. she's going to be an awesome mom. let's talk about justin bieber.

>> what are we going to do about the biebster.

>> he went to the anne frank museum . he stayed for an hour at the end there was a guest book so he wrote something in the guest book . this is what he wrote. truly inspiring to be able to come here, anne was a great girl, hopefully she would have been a belieber.

>> hopefully she would have been a belieber.

>> i don't think he meant anything disrespectful by it. it's symbolic of how young he is and how i think out of touch, completely out of touch. he can't even imagine the suffering of this young girl , along with six million other jews during the holocaust. i don't think he -- i don't think -- he realized. i think he thinks he's being nice. but he doesn't realize how, how it comes across to other people.

>> he seems to keep stepping in it.

>> he's had nothing but trouble since he's gone on the road, right?

>> we talked about that. ever since his mom, pattie has given over the reins because he's, making all that money and -- manager and -- manager is not there all the time and there are people around him, some people probably want the very best for him. but if he's like anybody else in this industry, there are those who just want to make the money and run and are not looking out for his best interests and i noticed a little of that, i told you when i was around him. i didn't like some of the stuff i saw and again -- i just hope somebody gets ahold of him like pattie is a great mom. and i hope he comes home soon. because he needs, he has no sense of reality. how can you when you're 19 years old, the biggest pop star in the world?

>> i could see where that could happen. he needs to have the right kind of people.

>> he's a good kid and he's been taught right from wrong. hopefully he will come back to it.

>> the mtv movie awards were weird.

>> i didn't see them, you didn't either. did you look online?

>> i saw parts of it. there was kind of a kanye-ish moment. will ferrell was up getting an award he had the golden popcorn thing in his hand.

>> that's the award?

>> yes. and some girl named abby plaza from "parks and rec" was up on stage. take a look.

>> thanks to mtv -- but i -- what's happening? are you okay? aubrey plaza, everyone.

>> if you look, i don't know if we can get a shot of it. if you look on her chest, there's a hash tag or something that says, to do list. something that she wanted to do, i guess to --

>> in some ways, that was dumb.

>> it was awkward. it was awk-weird. some people thought it was, it was planned and it just went -- you know --

>> awry. as they say.

>> or that she just -- by not saying anything -- it was very strange. i mean at least -- kanye, we knew what he was talking about. we kind of knew he was upset because beyonce didn't win. but i don't understand what she was angry about. the one thing -- she has accomplished that we now have heard her name. i never heard of her before. but i'm not sure what you ultimately want to be known for, you know.

>> again, young and not thinking things through.

>> let's talk about the cute guy who won the masters. oh, my god, adam scott .

>> hodie -- i think she has left blake.

>> the first australian golfer to ever win. we need an extreme close-up. close up on -- every guy we've ever met from australia is -- hot.

>> oh, all right, okay, okay.

>> wow. wow. what's the story on him, hodie?

>> he's 30-something, 32.

>> that's a little young for you, but okay.

>> he's so cute, could you die? look at him. and the other guy, who was the guy, cabrera?

>> angel cabrera , who is very famous and has won the masters before. he looks like a guy you would see on the golf course any day. he gets up, it looks like he didn't think a minute to think about it. he's so good. thank god this guy won, right?

>> all right. frank is just sits there in front of that, it isn't even on for the next four hours, but he watches the golf channel . he has to discuss everybody's putt, everybody's drive. everybody's choice of clubs. and i'm going -- what, i don't get it. it's a golf thing, i will never get it. we almost got divorced before we got married over golf. we really did. i wanted to learn it. he wanted me to learn it. i, i wouldn't cut my nails so i cut the ends off for the little glove. and one day we were out here and -- i was taking my time the way the guy taught me how to do it. and frank gets upset because there's a foursome behind us. i said, that's right. they're behind us. i'm trying to do it right. i said, you know what, this is not going to work. my favorite thing. it's some nature valley peanut granola bar . i am so into -- a box of six sells for around $2.50, around here the only thing edible, i'm sorry, in our break room, it's all bad.

>> if you're lucky enough to get any of it at the bottom of the thing. i eat too much of it. this controls it. i adore them.

>> my best friend karen's husband, it was his birthday. i want to give a big birthday shout-out.

>> hey, john.

>> there's karen and katherine.

>> from new orleans.

>> i got to spend the birthday with them.

>> and sarah.

>> my favorite thing -- it's not just this t-shirt. do you like it, though? it says the few, the proud, the extremely attractive.

>> i got it from my best friend molly. this site plays to midwesterner midwesterners, it's all jokes about the fly-over states. but it's the softest t-shirt.

>> we're rooting for australia.