TODAY   |  April 15, 2013

Bill Rancic on rough solo flight with baby Duke

Bill and Giuliana Rancic are the hosts of the NBC show “Ready for Love,” and parents to adorable baby boy Duke. But a solo flight with Duke from L.A. to Chicago, he tells Kathie Lee and Hoda, was a rough trip.

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>>> very few people have shown that they are ready for lover, more than giuliana and bill rancic .

>> they're helping others in the search for a soulmate on nbc's dating show called "ready for love." three guys hook up with three matchmakers with a bevy of beautiful women hoping to become the one. look at you two.

>> i love the new 'do.

>> do you like it?

>> so modern.

>> thank you. it's so much easier than the long thing i had going for so long.

>> it's just very chic, you look great.

>> how is life with your cutie?

>> it's great. he took his first flight with duke the other day, solo.

>> i got to tell you, he has wi-fi on the plane, i emailed him was how's the flight. all he wrote back was -- only child. he is going to be an only child.

>> i wrote what are you talking about. he goes, no more kids. hope you enjoy having one son.

>> it's one thing --

>> people giving me stink-eye on that flight, it was remarkable.

>> don't you have more compassion now when a mother of three kids and all comes on the plane?

>> no question.

>> you do -- how do they do it.

>> sn.

>> i remember before we had a baby, i would say to myself, put a pacifier in his mouth. like that works, right? we definitely feel very differently about it.

>> let's talk about you two lovebirds helping other people find love.

>> it is, it's catching fire, everyone is talking about, gwynneth paltrow said it was her favorite new show on television. can you believe that?

>> let's retweet that all over the place.

>> everyone who watched the show last week loved the show. it's such a new concept. i'm predicting at the end of the season, we'll have two marriages.

>> kind of real chemistry happening.

>> we can't say too much. but, yeah.

>> do you think chemistry can be forced on tv like this?

>> we met on tv. i interviewed bill in front of the camera that's the first time we met.

>> was it instant with you guys, i never asked you that.

>> on our second date we were making plans for six months in advance. which i had never done in my life.

>> so i do think it is possible. especially with this show. because the girls come in, remember the guys were introduced here, right?

>> yes, we had them on last week.

>> there's going to be other shou shows the girls show up and they're seeing the guys for the first time. whereas here they know exactly what they're getting. i got to say tomorrow night's episode sin credible. and an ex comes back from the past.

>> i hate it when that happens.

>> we love it.

>> drama.

>> he's surprised and the other girls are surprised. the gloves come off tomorrow night.

>> that's what we need, we need drama on --

>> blood on the floor.

>> a few restraining orders before it's all said and done.

>> are you having fun hosting it?

>> we have a lot of fun.

>> it was a little tough on me. because obviously she's been doing this a lot longer than i have. she was -- she was hard on me.

>> he got out the whip that you like so much. he would come on the set of "e" news once everyone left. i would be like bye guys, and we would practice. we didn't want to blow it.

>> we put a lot of time into it.

>> good for you.

>> you didn't want me as a student any more. i had to go out and hire someone to kind of --

>> we were sort of fighting is what he is trying to say.

>> we weren't ready for the love.

>> like everything else, you guys worked your way through it.

>> we love you guys. when does it air?

>> it airs tomorrow night. at 9:00, 8:00 central right here